Dorsey Enjoys Michigan; Will Trip to USC

Florida Gator committed safety Demar Dorsey took a surprise late trip to Michigan this past weekend and came away impressed with what the Wolverines had to offer. The Under Armour All-American from Lauderdale Lakes Boyd Anderson also has a bit of a change in plans for the rest of the recruiting process. He is dropping a visit to Florida for one to USC.

First things first and Demar Dorsey enjoyed his trip to see the University of Michigan and what they had to offer. On the trip he got to hang out with his cousin, quarterback Denard Robinson. Robinson and the rest of the entourage made an impression on Dorsey.

"It was a great trip," Dorsey said. "I learned some things about the school that I didn't know before. I learned more about the academics and a little bit more about the program. I had a great time up there in the city and hung around with a couple of guys."

Dorsey has been working hard to qualify academically and it appears that is definitely something on his horizon. All this school work has him thinking about that part of his college experience and Michigan didn't disappoint.

"The academics stood out the most," Dorsey said. "I didn't know they were ranked as high as a public school. I know they have great alumni in basketball, football, and baseball."

he also was enlightened on just how Michigan would utilize his talent if he showed up on campus there in June. Dorsey brings elite speed to the field and ran the nation's fastest combine 40 time of 4.25 last January in Orlando.

"They told me I would play both sides of the ball," Dorsey said of the Wolverine coaching staff. "They said they weren't going to say I would just come in and start, but that I would have an opportunity and a chance to start as a freshman. I just have to work for it."

It also appears that things have changed for Dorsey even since Thursday when I talked to him last. He has now decided to take an official visit to USC, even though before Thursday he had not talked to the Trojan football staff since they resigned from Tennessee. His trip to see the Gators on the last weekend has evidently been changed to a trip to Los Angeles instead.

"I am not going to visit Florida," Dorsey said. "I have been there several times, so I am going to visit Southern Cal (USC). I will be visiting Florida State next week. I still consider myself a commitment and I just know things about Florida and just want to look at other schools before I make my final decision."

The thought had always been there to visit Los Angeles and he also had a previously scheduled trip to Tennessee that he never took. With Lane Kiffin, Monte Kiffin, and Ed Orgeron all leaving Tennessee to now coach at USC, Dorsey has somewhat of an easy feeling making the new trip.

"I wanted to take a visit to USC," Dorsey said. "I told my coach that I probably won't take a visit to Florida because I had been there so many times. I told him I would take one to somewhere else. I was supposed to take that visit to Tennessee this weekend because Lane Kiffin was at Tennessee. Now they are at USC, so I am just going to take one there instead of one to Florida."

USC sounds a lot like Michigan in just how they would intend to use Dorsey.

"I talked to Coach Monte, Coach Orgeron, and Coach Kiffin," he said. "I have known them since they were at Tennessee. They told me they want me on both sides of the ball. They think I can play in the box and have great cover skills as a safety and I could be used as a safety or as a corner on the slot receiver. They also want me to run some sweeps and stuff on offense and use my speed."

Dorsey has been a key part of the Gator 2010 recruiting class since early on when he committed during the 2008 season. He also helped recruit some of the current commitments into the class. One of those is defensive tackle Dominique Easley. Easley has already been in touch with Dorsey about this situation.

"Dominique called me and wanted me to update him on my status," Dorsey said. "I told him about the visits and he was just asking me what I still thought about Florida. The rest was kind of private."

Demar Dorsey has skills that any team in America would want on theirs. These skills are attracting the very best institutions to him. In the eleventh hour, things may be a little cloudy for Dorsey. We will be there to see what the twelfth hour brings.

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