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With signing day just two weeks away, a lot is happening behind the scenes for the last remaining spots in the recruiting class at Florida. We have delivered you new information that the Gators are not limited to 28 prospects in this class and that seemingly opened the door for another possibility or two to slide in. We will talk about all the possibilities as they stand right now inside.

The Gators stand at 25 verbal commitments for the class of 2010 and with that number, the end of the recruiting class is nearing. However, what we have learned from the likes of the Florida compliance office, the SEC office, and a compliance office of another SEC school, the 28 limit pushed on schools in the SEC is not a hard 28 in terms of early enrollees.

In other words, for the purposes of the number of guys that can be signed in this class, UF can count back quite a bit of early enrollees to last year's class. As a matter of fact, because of the size of the last two classes, Florida can count all 11 early entrants back to the 2009 class. This means for the purposes of 28 or 25, they only have 14 commitments counting against them at this time. They theoretically could add 11 more commitments.

Theoretically is the key word as the roster scholarship limit of 85 is the reason that number will never be realized. The Gators sit at 59 and you can see the current roster breakdown right here.

Eligibility breakdown for 2010 minus the 2010 class

In essence, anyone the Gators sign over 26 means that someone on the roster has to transfer or have a medical hardship before the 2010 class arrives in mid-June. It is very normal for Florida to lose 3-4 a year to attrition and there is no reason not to expect that.

Given all of that information, let's see how I think this thing will break down.

Private Screening

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