Time To Give Tebow a Break

Tim Tebow has had one of the most remarkable careers in the history of college football. He leaves the University of Florida with about half the record book along with 48 wins, two national championships and a legend that will grow for years.

He also has to have broken the world record for exposure for a college athlete. Tebow is the most photographed, recorded, analyzed and interviewed student-athlete the world has ever known. He has been phenomenally accommodating of the media and I cannot tell you the amount of time I spent with him over the past four years.

It's high time he got a break.

It is my sincere hope that Tim goes back to the training center in Nashville and is not heard from again until the NFL scouting combine in three weeks. After that he should take another break from the public scrutiny and skip the pro scout day at Florida, choosing instead to focus on individual team workouts. He can make his next public appearance at whatever venue he chooses to watch the NFL draft.

"Tebowmania" has obviously reached a ridiculous level when dozens of media types change their plans in order spend a week at the Senior Bowl. He sold thousands of tickets for the organizers of the game who rewarded the ticket buying fans with a total of 22 snaps for the guy they all came to see. He had to have his own media event(s) while all the other players went about the business of trying to impressive NFL personnel.

Tim didn't play well in the Senior Bowl; though lousy pass protection and three dropped passes contributed to his rather pedestrian numbers (8-12, 50).

When the Super Bowl commercial supporting his mother's decision to have him finally airs, there will be another crush of demand on Tebow's time and he should be secluded with a simple, one sentence statement to respond to the public reaction/over reaction to the 30-second ad.

Tim Tebow has been a gift to the media covering him going back to his willingness to let ESPN chronicle the final days of his recruitment. But now it's time for him to respond to media inquiries using the lyrics from the Helen Reddy song "Ruby Red Dress".

"Leave me alone. Won't you leave me alone? Please leave me alone. Oh leave me alone, please leave me, yes leave me."

I never dreamed I would quote Helen Reddy in a Tim Tebow article. That's just how strange this situation has become.

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