For Tebow, Patience will be a Virtue

The Senior Bowl has come and gone, with Tim Tebow's every move throughout the week dissected to the point of absurdity. Some national commentators even delivered absolute proclamations about Tebow's NFL future (or supposed lack thereof) before three practices in Mobile had been completed. Does Tebow have work to do to improve his NFL chances?

Unquestionably, although making definitive judgments when he was working with new receivers and playing behind a South line which was universally described by scouts as the worst collective unit of either team seems questionable at best. There's never been a situation quite like this one, which means Tim Tebow's going to have to exhibit an unusual amount of grace during some irritating moments in the coming days. Fortunately, he's shown that doubters do not faze him.

The biggest knocks on Tebow are his delivery, which he needs to tighten up, and his inexperience with taking snaps from under center and dropping back. As Tebow spends more time preparing for the NFL combine and individual workouts by working from under center, he'll continue to make progress on that. The delivery will take longer, but what team drafting Tebow would be expecting him to see action right away as anything other than a potential wildcat QB? That formation is from the shotgun, so he should be ready to execute those plays from the beginning.

What's funny about the incessant criticism of Tebow from NFL observers is that there's very little to suggest the league has any reliable idea which quarterbacks are likely to succeed. Future starters like Tony Romo and Kurt Warner went undrafted altogether, while David Carr, Alex Smith and JaMarcus Russell went first overall in the past eight years. The same league that let Tom Brady last until pick 199 ten years ago while drafting other quarterbacks like Hofstra's Giovanni Carmazzi and Texas State's Spergon Wynn might not have things quite as figured out as they like to believe.

The next day Tebow gets the opportunity to make an impression will be at the NFL Combine. He'll have to decide whether he wants to go through the full workout in Indianapolis or not, but quarterbacks are slated to show their skills on February 26. Off the field there will be countless meetings with teams as they look to figure out what kind of fit he would be for their purposes. After the Combine, Tebow will still have almost two full months before the draft itself begins on April 22. Somewhere in the month of March will be Florida's pro day, and he'll likely have teams interested in bringing him in for individual workouts as well.

The process leading up to the draft tends to be frustrating for most players, since teams tend to put out a lot of false information to the media and prospects as a way of disguising their plans. Like all young quarterbacks, Tebow's chances of success will be much better if he goes to a franchise that will give him time to develop and commits itself to working with him to make that happen. If the three ring circus he goes through for the next three months helps Tebow find one that believes in him, it will end up having been worth him enduring all the inane bleating about the importance of a fumble in the Senior Bowl.

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