Hollywood Bob's Private Screening

Only one more day until the faxes come screaming across the fax machine in the halls of the football offices at The Swamp. It is the busiest day of the year for us here at FightinGators.com and we love every minute of it. The chat room, message boards, front page, and Twitter feed will be flying that day. When all are in, here is a look at what to expect some of these prospects to do next year.

First we will take a look at some things that we have learned associated with next year's team. The style of defense that will be influenced by two new hires at linebacker, some position changes on the roster, a look at a few players and the general idea of how they are progressing within the program, and a look at where some of these prospects will wind up when they show up on campus.

Come on inside the message boards of FightinGators.com and get a glimpse of our perspective on the state of affairs of the football program.

Part 1

Part 2

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