McCallum Can Be The Missing Piece

The Florida Gator basketball team is still rebuilding itself on the way to becoming an annual player in college basketball's biggest sweepstakes, the NCAA Tournament. The 2009-2010 version is right on the bubble, but has shown big flashes of improvement over the last two years. There are a couple of pieces of the puzzle missing still, but help could be on the way in the form of Ray McCallum.

In the heart of his regular basketball season, Ray McCallum of Detroit Country Day says his team is poised to make a run at all the marbles.

"The season is going real well. We are 16-1 now, we have five more regular season games," The 6-1, point guard said. "We just need to finish them off and start our run at the state championship."

McCallum is a do everything guard that can shoot, handle the ball, and dish it to the open man with precision and regularity. The son of the University of Detroit basketball head coach Ray McCallum Sr., the younger McCallum has his list of schools narrowed to four.

"Florida Arizona, UCLA, and Detroit," McCallum said when asked to name the four. "I talk to all of them all the time. They are doing a great job of recruiting me. I like them all and watch them play. I am just trying to see where I fit in the best."

The Bruins are a team known for their tradition and McCallum has been somewhat caught up in that.

"Them and Florida have been in the most national championship games in the last five years," McCallum said. "The history of UCLA basketball is just something I hear all about."

The Wildcats of Arizona also have a special place in the mind of McCallum. He knows the staff there well and likes the tradition of the position he is going to play.

"They have a new coaching staff and it is a staff I have known for a long time," he said. "It is also 'Point Guard U', it is a point guard school."

Of course the home school has a big pull in it's favor. Father Ray is the head coach and the Titans are on the way up under Coach McCallum's guidance.

"My dad is really trying to change the program around," Ray Jr. said. "Last year they won only seven games, this year they have 14 wins. He is just trying to change it around. The players are pretty much my older brothers, I have known them for a while."

The Florida Gators also stand a pretty good chance of earning his signature when signing day comes around. McCallum understands the importance the point guard plays in the Florida offense, he also watches the Gators intently and sees they really need a true floor general to lead them.

"Florida won back to back championships," McCallum said. "They are coached by a former point guard. He was good and knows how point guards are supposed to play and they are big part of the team."

"I catch about every game on T.V., so I am always watching. They just need another guard out there, they need a true point guard to run the show. Erv (Erving Walker) and Kenny (Kenny Boynton) are really scoring guards. They need someone to pick them up and just run the show. Really they are pretty good anyway."

A true point guard would do wonders for this Florida team and McCallum can envision himself in that role.

"I can see myself being the missing piece and playing with them," he said.

In late march and early April, McCallum will be a part of the McDonalds All-American team festivities and teaming with Gator signee Patric Young, a power forward from Jacksonville that will add a lot of beef to Florida's front court. No doubt Young will be in the recruiting mode when the two meet up.

For now, he isn't ready to decide.

"There is no time table for a decision," McCallum said. "I am just watching the teams and when the time is right I will know. Nothing has changed with what I will make my final decision on. It will come down to where I feel the most comfortable."

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