Tebow Slams Meyer Critics with Facts

Tim Tebow must think it is kind of funny by now. Since he was a young high school athlete folks have doubted him. Now there is talk that he has to totally change his delivery and the way he throws the ball if he ever plans on being an NFL quarterback. Some folks question if Florida prepared him at all to be a pro, Tebow laughs at all the critics and plans on proving them all wrong.

Tim Tebow moved to three high schools because the first two wouldn't let him play quarterback, they thought he was better elsewhere. When he arrived at Florida, he came to an offensive system that was doubted over and over again about it's effectiveness in the Southeastern Conference.

A high school state championship as a quarterback, two SEC titles and national titles as the Florida quarterback, and a hand full of national and school records later....Tebow is still having to prove his doubters.

Most recently, Tebow set out to alter his positioning of the ball before he throws it. Tebow will finally be in a place where he cannot choose the team he will go to and therefore needs to be able to present himself as capable of running a drop back system. With that in mind, he will be asked to not carry the ball as loose as he has and not be as free of a runner as he was at liberty to do at Florida.

Tebow and his trainers have worked on keeping the ball higher, more toward the top of his motion to help with a quicker release, and keep the ball further from harms way from opposing pass rushers. The slight change in this stance has caused a bit of a stir and Tebow told a national audience on Sunday with the NFL Network's Mike Mayock and Charles Davis, that it really isn't a big deal.

"It's not totally changing my throwing motion...it's holding the ball higher, getting it out a little quicker, but not changing everything I have done for the last four years," Tebow said. "I know we are saying that we are making changes and we are, but I am still the same football player that Coach Meyer, Coach Loeffler, and Coach Mullen taught me to be.

Urban Meyer has taken a great deal of heat over the matter in recent days. Quarterback coach Scot Loeffler and former coach Dan Mullen have also been butchered over a supposed lack of tutelage for the future NFL quarterback.

Tebow was asked in the television segment about the recruiting ramifications of all the negative press and he quickly came back to the defense of his former coaching staff.

"They can just worry about trying to beat Florida," Tebow told Mayock and Davis. "To defend Coach Meyer at Florida...he has taught his players over the last six to eight years better than anyone in the country. If you look at his players, they know football.

"We teach schemes, and concepts that relate to the next level. You may call it a spread offense, but it is so much more than that. We have 'West Coast', we have 'triple digit' concepts, we have progressions, we have all the 'two-jet' and 'three-jet' things they run in the West Coast...Just because we call it something different...our guys go to the next level, they know what they are talking about.

Tebow showed off his well known athletic prowess on Sunday when he ran a 4.72 second 40-yard dash, had a broad jump of 9'7", had a vertical jump of 38.5", and a three-cone shuttle of 6.66 seconds. The 40 was fourth among quarterbacks. The vertical jump and three-cone was tops among quarterbacks and he finished second in the broad jump.

Everyone was able to witness all of that on television, but behind the scenes, Tebow believes he was able to show off his knowledge of NFL schemes and football in general, most of which he gleaned as a quarterback at Florida.

"I thought that was the best thing here at the combine, just talking football, talking schemes, talking the love of the game and understanding defenses and protections," Tebow told the NFL Network panel. "That is something I really enjoyed and something I thought I did good at."

He smiled the whole time he heard all of the doubt that others were casting in his direction. This is Tim Tebow and he has been doubted since he was a younger less known quarterback. It is something he actually welcomes and knows it will make him better in the long run.

"I have been truly blessed and the past four years have been a blessing to me," he told the panel. "I am truly a blessed guy. I am very self-motivated and all the criticism people are throwing at me and say...that's just another blessing. I can just thank all the critics because that is just pushing me that much more."

Tim Tebow didn't throw any bombs at the combine this week, but he launched some huge missiles at those that have doubted him and where he came from. Gator fans have learned not to doubt Tim Tebow, slowly but surely the rest of them are learning as well.

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