Gator Combine Notes for Sunday

Quarterback Tim Tebow again was the talk and this time he did some walking to go along with the talk. Tebow displayed some of the physical skills that Gator fans have become used to when he ran well, jumped well, and maneuvered well in drills. Receiver Riley Cooper also ran well and performed pretty well on the day. Here are some notes from around the web on the day.

Riley Cooper helped himself for the draft on Sunday when he ran a 4.52 second 40-yard dash. At 6-3, and 222 pounds of muscle, Cooper running that well for that size was a not unexpected for those that have seen him run for years, but it was a good run none the less.

Cooper also fared very well when thrown the ball except he did drop his last two catches of the day according to John Crist of

"While Florida WR Riley Cooper started off strong and reeled in everything thrown his way in the gauntlet, he dropped one pass that hit him right in the chest on a come-back and then juggled his second attempt on a post-corner," Crist wrote.

The Green Bay Packers are a team looking to sign a middle linebacker this year and Florida's Brandon Spikes will be high on everyone's draft board. Spikes did decide against running at the combine, but teams know he is a big time football player.

"Brandon Spikes, Florida: Spikes is a thumper at 6-foot-3 and 256 pounds," Bill Huber of the packer Report wrote Sunday. "He's a potentially dominant defender in the run game. Spikes' draft stock fell this season. His 68 tackles and 6.5 tackles for losses are about half of his production as a sophomore. Plus, an eye-gouging incident against Georgia raised some red flags. Still, he's got everything you want."

Tim Tebow quite had a great day and has had a great week on and off the field. Tebow ran a 4.72 in the 40, had a broad jump of 9'7", had a vertical jump of 38.5", and a three-cone shuttle of 6.66 seconds.

Those numbers mean nothing until you realized he had the highest vertical jump of any quarterback in the combine. He also had the fastest three-cone time and finished fourth among all receivers, backs, and quarterbacks. His broad jump was the second longest among quarterbacks, and he finished fourth in the 40-yard dash. NFL Analyst Chris Steuber agreed that Tebow had a good Sunday.

"Tim Tebow had a great day as well," Steuber wrote in his nightly chat conducted on "He performed brilliantly in the 40 and the broad and vertical jumps. He was competitive on the field, even though he didn't throw."

Tebow has been equally if not more impressive off the field. As expected, he usually blows people away in the interview process. NFL network's Gil Brandt wrote about what he was hearing in regards to Tebow and the way he conducts himself in interviews.

"In talking with several team representatives Sunday at the NFL Scouting Combine, I was told that Tebow conducted some of the best interviews of all time," Brant wrote for NFL Network. "His positivity, composure and passion were on full display.

"Tebow's legend precedes him, and his ability to handle the attention and pressure also impressed teams. The fact that he would come to practice at Florida over an hour early to sign autographs for fans especially stood out.

"Having a player who connects with the fan base in such an intimate way is important and sometimes more difficult to find than a chiseled frame, which Tebow also possesses."

If there is one thing these NFL teams have learned about Tim Tebow, it is his ability to get people to watch. A sellout at the senior bowl was just a glimpse of what Tebow can possibly do if he makes it to the right team.

Sunday saw the arrival of the defensive backs and cornerback Joe Haden showed up standing 5-11 and weighing 193 pounds, both are solid to good NFL numbers. Safety Major Wright also showed and clocked in at 5-11 and 206 pounds, also solid numbers. Both are expected to work out in the next couple of days.

Here are the heights and weights of the rest of the Gators that showed earlier in the week.

Cooper, Riley (6'3", 222)
Cunningham, Jermaine (6'3", 266)
Dunlap, Carlos (6'6", 277)
Hernandez, Aaron (6'2", 245)
James, Brandon (5'6", 176)
Pouncey, Maurkice (6'4", 304)
Spikes, Brandon (6'3", 249)
Tebow, Tim (6'3", 236)

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