Gators Enjoy Day Off

The Florida basketball team could not have had a better off day than they enjoyed on Wednesday. The loss to Vanderbilt still stings, but the Gators' NCAA resume got a pretty good boost.

Kentucky over Georgia ---- This helps because it clinched a share of the SEC Title for the Wildcats eliminating any possible urgency on Sunday. Beating Kentucky will still be a monumental task, but the youthful ‘Cats might relax a bit. Veteran Patrick Patterson had a double-double in the win as he prepares for "Senior Day" even though he's a junior.

Auburn over Mississippi State ---- The Bulldogs have to be devastated by this result. State has a weak non-conference resume' and now takes a "bad" loss at the worst possible time. This is a much worse loss than Florida's setback to Georgia because the East is much stronger than the West. State almost has to beat Tennessee at home Saturday AND take out Florida (assuming the Gators advance) in the second round of the SEC Tournament for any at-large consideration.

Alabama over South Carolina ---- This isn't a big deal, but Florida will now play the loser of the Alabama/Auburn game at the SEC Tournament Thursday night. It seems ‘Bama is a better matchup for the Gators, but you still like to see Anthony Grant get a win.

Tennessee over Arkansas ---- The Gators beat both teams, so either outcome would have been fine. However Tennessee is the higher ranked team thus the better that win looks the better for Florida's resume.

Notre Dame over Connecticut ---- Each team has a similar resume to Florida's, but UConn was more likely to get sympathy consideration because of playing several games without coach Jim Calhoun. The Irish still have work to do and UConn is not completely out but this was a good outcome.


Going forward, here is the list of teams to root against between now and selection Sunday. Of course, none of this likely matters unless the Gators win another game.

Virginia Tech
St. Mary's
Notre Dame
Rhode Island
San Diego State
Ole Miss
Seton Hall

Let the games continue!

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