Bell Making a Name for Himself

Gator fans older than 35 years old will always remember Kerwin Bell. Bell was the catalyst for the 1984-85 teams that were two of the greatest in school history, and maybe the best up until that time. Kerwin Bell is almost ready to pass on the torch of his college glory as his son enters his senior season of high school ball. Kade Bell is a chip off the old block.

Kade Bell played at Providence HS in Jacksonville last season and threw for more than 1,500 yards and 16 touchdowns. He has since transferred to bigger Fletcher HS and is gearing up for a senior season that he expects big things.

"I am looking for a great season...I just transferred to Fletcher, we have our whole offense back, a great running back and a great line," Bell said after doing well at the Jacksonville Under Armour combine in late February. "I am looking to go to State this year, we are pretty talented."

Bell has the tutelage to be a prolific passer, but he adds a bit of running with the ball to his resume to form one of the state's top dual threat quarterback prospects.

"I think I am a lot like Colt McCoy," Bell said. "I am a gunslinger, I throw the ball hard, am a really good athlete and can make plays with my feet."

Bell ran for more than 300 yards last season and knows that he will be running a lot of option stuff this year. He is also "not afraid to hit someone" and is pretty candid about how much better of a runner he is than his father.

Kade Bell just shook his head when asked if he saw his father's famous two-point conversion run in 1986. A run that finished an 18-0 scoring spree and beat Auburn 18-17, shocking the college football world.

"So many times," he grinned and shook his head. "I see it all the time. He will put in the old film and show the quarterbacks the way he coaches...that this is the way it is done. It looks like slow motion when he runs. It is still on VHS, it's so old."

Despite the constant stroll down memory lane to "see how it's done", Kade knows he has learned a lot from Kerwin.

"He holds me up to a very high standard and I have to do the best I can do," Bell said. "He has helped me since I was little reading coverages. I think I have a very high IQ for the game."

That IQ has landed him some consideration from some of the nation's finest football programs. Illinois, South Carolina, and Auburn have all expressed interest so far.

"I am looking anywhere that has a good offense and that will be a nice place to go," Bell said of what he is looking for in a school. "No offers yet, but a few said they are coming in the spring and South Carolina really likes me."

Of course there is his dad who happens to be the coach at Jacksonville University. Kerwin Bell is running a championship program at JU and is trying to embark on becoming a scholarship program. Kade laughed when I told him Kerwin said that his son didn't want to play for his old man.

"We butt heads, he thinks he is always right and I think I am always right," Kade said laughing. "He is probably right more often."

Moving forward, Kade Bell will use the biggest thing he used from his father, who went from fifth string to starter in one off-season in 1984 and eventually led him to a freshman all-American season.

"I think the biggest thing he taught me was to work hard and don't give up," Kade said. "You know he walked on at Florida and he just persevered and worked hard. He just says work hard and things will work out in the end."

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