Bubble Watch -- 3/10

Today's a lull in Championship Week. Most of the smaller conference tournaments are done, and the SEC, ACC, and Big Ten have yet to start theirs. The Pac-10 has just one game today while the Big 12 has four, but none of them involve teams struggling to keep themselves on the right side of the NCAA field's cutoff point.

The Big East tournament at Madison Square Garden is the one place with games that could prove important to Florida's chance today. Here are the games to keep an eye on.


The Bulls wouldn't be in the NCAA field if it was set today, and beating Georgetown alone won't change that. Should they win this one they get a crack at Syracuse Thursday though, and that win would likely be enough to get them a tournament bid. USF stunned Georgetown in the Hoyas' building earlier this season, so you have to assume they'll be ready for this one. Since the Hoyas are definitely in, them winning is absolutely UF's desired outcome here.


The perception of many observers is that this is a winner's in/loser's out game. That's likely true for Notre Dame, but for Seton Hall it may not be the case. They have a higher RPI than ND, and wouldn't add a top 50 win by beating them. Since Seton Hall's less of a sure thing to reach the NCAAs with a win here, that's who Gator fans should be rooting for.


The Bearcats edged Rutgers Tuesday, robbing UF of a chance to get more value out of their neutral court win over the Scarlet Knights and also keeping themselves alive for this game. Cincy would have to win several more Big East tournament games to make their resume NCAA ready, while Louisville's already in. As such, it's best for UF to have them stop Cincinnati before any momentum develops.

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