Chol Looking Across Country

California is a hotbed of talent in any sport and basketball is right up there with any of them. San Diego (CA) Hoover is home to one of the best prospects in the high school ranks in the entire country. Angelo Chol brings his big-time game to the court for Hoover every week and's No. 5 ranked center for the class of 2011 will have his choice of colleges to choose from.

Hoover head basketball coach Ollie Goulston knows he has a special talent in Angelo Chol who is being recruited by some of the countries biggest college programs.

"He is a very athletic left hander, a great shot blocker, defender, and rebounder," Goulston said of Chol who helped lead his Hoover team to a first round playoff game Tuesday night. "His offensive game has really come on. He can really do some stuff on the perimeter now as well playing with his back to the basket. He can probably hit from 15 feet consistently."

Chol's game is athletic and versatile, two things Billy Donovan looks at when recruiting for the Florida Gators. Chol lists the Gators among the 11 teams he will still consider as the process moves forward. Goulston says the Gators are very interested in Chol.

"I have known Coach Donovan for a long time and they have been after him for a while," Goulston said. "They love his upside and his potential and have done a good job with trying to get involved with him. There is obviously some interest there."

Chol was actually due in to Gainesville last month to watch a game and the huge winter storms that hit the nation sidetracked that visit.

"He was scheduled to go see on an unofficial against Xavier, but it got canceled because of the weather," Goulston said.

Right now Florida joins Washington, Alabama, Arizona State, Connecticut, Georgetown, Kansas, North Carolina, UCLA, Virginia, and Wyoming as the teams that Chol will consider during the rest of the process.

"He won't make a decision until the fall of his senior year," Goulston said. "There are no leaders. He isn't adding any schools, but is wide open to the 11 schools he is looking at."

A class of 2011 prospect, Chol would come in when the Gators lose star forwards Chandler Parsons and Alex Tyus. More of a defensive presence than those two, he is developing his offensive game and with his 6-8, 200 pound frame as a high school junior, he would be a nice compliment to commitments Austin Rivers and Brad Beal, both guards, who are already committed to Florida.

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