Te-Pro Scout Day at UF is Here

The annual Pro Scout Day at the University of Florida has arrived but a lot of folks are anticipating it to be the Tim Tebow show. Upward of 15 Gators are expected to work out on Wednesday. The gates are open for fans to see this group for the last time on Florida field, and most are anticipating a Tebow love fest. There is little doubt that Tebow mania is still alive and well in this land.

Tim Tebow helped the senior bowl sell out for the first time ever. He was the biggest talk of the NFL combine even though he never threw a football. The press ogled over him the entire week and they all came away impressed when they did.

Now the spotlight is even more focused on Tebow as he prepares to show the world his new positioning of the ball before he throws it to all the pro scouts on hand. It has supposedly been a bone of contention for pro football personnel directors that this guy that has set too many college records to name them all, was the first player ever to win the Heisman Trophy as a sophomore, and finished his senior season as the nation's most efficient passer, somehow doesn't know how to throw the ball. He even did all of this while paying in the toughest conference in college football, with absolutely the best defenses.

Yes, the NFL wants more and Tebow is out to try and show them more as he is always apt to do.

Florida is braced for a huge crowd for the Pro Scout Day. There have been estimates of 20,000 or so, but anything over 500 will be more than has showed up in the past. I would guess a couple of thousand on-lookers will be in attendance to see Tebow throw his last pass in The Swamp.

In the meantime, some of Tebow's teammates will be in The Swamp also to try and improve their stock in front of NFL scouts.

Receiver and Tebow's college roommate Riley Cooper will likely lift for Scouts as he didn't at the combine. His 4.52 in the forty at the combine may be fast enough where he may not run on Florida Field, but my guess is he will do so. Cooper will most definitely work out with Tebow throwing and catching the ball as the two try and help each other improve their stock.

Brandon James will likely participate and try to improve what he can from the combine. The diminutive James is looking to catch on in the NFL, most likely as a return man.

Receiver David Nelson didn't get a chance to perform at the combine so he will be weighed and measured and most likely do a full regimen for the scouts on Wednesday. If the tall Nelson can run in the low 4.6's he should get some looks down the road.

Tight end Aaron Hernandez didn't participate at all at the combine and it is likely he will try and do all of the drills for the scouts in attendance on Wednesday. The first team all-American is projected to go high in April's draft, and a good forty time would help that immensely.

Center Maurkice Pouncey couldn't lift at the combine and it is doubtful he will be ready to do so just three weeks later. My guess is he will likely just participate in drills that his shoulder will allow him to. His draft status seems high now, so I am not sure what he should do to help himself on Wednesday.

Defensive end Jermaine Cunningham didn't work out at the combine and is expected to do most of the drills for the scouts. Cunningham is somewhat of a technician so doing well in the speed drills would help him a great deal in my opinion.

I believe defensive end Carlos Dunlap will run to try and improve his 4.71 in the forty. That is plenty fast for a 280 pound lineman but Dunlap believes he can do better. I would also expect him to lift again and try and improve his 21 reps of 225 pounds.

Middle linebacker Brandon Spikes didn't run at the combine and in my opinion he needs to run at pro day. Anything under a 4.8 will do him good and I don't think he hurts himself if he runs a 4.9, but he must run to end speculation of him being worse than that. He also will likely lift as he skipped that at the combine as well.

Linebacker Ryan Stamper didn't attend the combine and so look for him to participate in a full regimen of the drills as well. He probably won't run well, but Stamper could very well be very good in the quickness exercises they perform and likely will look good running through individual drills with the linebacker coaches on hand.

Linebacker Dustin Doe was also absent from the combine, but is expected to work out and participate in all the drills. Doe runs well, but won't pass the eyeball test due to his height, so he has to do well on Wednesday to get a longer look from the teams that the scouts represent.

Safety Major Wright ran a great 4.8 in the forty at the combine, so don't expect him to run again. Wright is Mr. Personality , but is a guy that could improve his bench press and it would go a long way for him. Otherwise, I wouldn't expect him to do anything but the position drills with the other defensive backs.

Cornerback Joe Haden left school a year early and has a lot to prove on Wednesday. His 4.57 in the forty was the shocker of the entire combine and had a lot of analysts down grading him. A projected 4.3 never materialized and the thought is some teams are shying away now. His vertical jump could be better as well. Haden has a lot to gain by a sparkling pro day and that is what it will take to move higher within the first round, where he is projected.

Cornerback Markihe Anderson started for only two games at Florida as a sophomore and then was put on the back burner for his last two years. One issue was he was playing behind all-Americans in Haden and Janoris Jenkins. Anderson is ultra quick and tenacious, he just lacks ideal size for the league. He will likely participate in all the drills Wednesday to try and catch the eye of the scouts in attendance.

It is unclear at this time whether cornerback Wondy Pierre-Louis will attend the work out due to his off the field issues since the end of the season.

There will likely be other former players working out as there always are. In all it should be a very extensive Pro Day for the Gators and one that will likely be a preview for a bunch of future millionaires.

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