Practice: Day 2 Thoughts

The Florida defense turned it up a notch on Wednesday and for the most part didn't let anything get by them in 7on7 and team drills. A veteran secondary and some young really good athletes will cause headaches for opposing offenses in 2010. The Gators seem to be piling up minor injuries on both lines of scrimmage, but the Gators have enough depth to have pretty good practices. Here is what I saw.

The Florida Gators started out the practice doing their usual positional drills as they prepare the guys to square off in the confrontational phases of practice. Some notable changes in the depth chart were seen on day two as Brendan Beal saw a lot of time as the first team middle linebacker, he was followed up by Jon Bostic, and then Lorenzo Edwards.

Duke Lemmens started the day at first team FOX defensive end followed by William Green, Lerentee McCray, and Kedric Johnson. The move adds a little more depth on the weak side of the line. I did notice that Ear l Okine was playing defensive tackle on Friday

The day was a really good one for Jeremy Brown, who is back from a back injury that has basically sidelined him for two seasons. Brown told the media after practice that we will know a little more after Saturday when contact starts, bu he was feeling fine and everyone in attendance saw that he played well.

Brown had a couple of nice pass breakups on the day, but was beaten a few times as well, showing a little bit of the rustiness that was to be expected. It is just exciting for everyone involved to see him out on the field and playing. He looks like he will be able to contribute a great deal down the road.

We will have more on injuries later, but here is what I saw with the action on the field.

The receivers lit it up as they should in the 1 on 1 portion of the drills. Solomon Patton looks exceptional and is too quick to defend in the open field. Trey Burton threw every pass in the 1 on 1's and most were great with a few behind the receiver. Josh Shaw made another great play today and picked off a pass that he jumped on in the drill. I would say Deonte stood out as well, catching a few long bombs over lost defenders. Good to see Jeremy Brown is back at it. He did get burned by Deonte in 1 on 1s but looks good.

During the 7 on 7 passing portion of the day Janoris Jenkins starred for the defense with a pick off and a pass break up. Moses Jenkins also picked off a deep Brantley pass. Patton looks like the fastest guy on the field. He took a medium distance pass and weaved his way through a few defenders for a long TD. Brantley and Burton are worlds apart in terms of easiness of passing the ball. The ball just slings out of Brantley's hands most of the time and Burton has to really force it at times. Josh Postell (walk on receiver) had the play of the day on a long sideline completion from Burton, he was well covered and had to make a tough catch and did so.

During team drills, A.J. Jones picked off a Burton pass deflected by Janoris. Jeremy Brown with a sweet pass break up. Gillislee looks great catching the short passes and really is big time at accelerating after the catch and getting up field. Coach Dan McCarney ripped into Jon Bostic for loafing on one play. He was certainly not happy and let Bostic know that he let his teammates down when he loafed. Burton scrambles and pulls away twice once from William Green and then from Lorenzo Edwards... the kid has some wheels for sure. Matt Elam looks good in the nickel, seems to be around the ball a lot and I saw another pass break up. One bad snap from Mike Pouncey one from Kyle Koehne on the day. Addazio stayed on Koehne because he knew the kid was tired and he wanted the kid to know that he knew that (did that make sense?) Jordan Reed really looks good and has been one of the more impressive finds out here this week. Bostic and Beal in on same play breaking up a Burton pass, not sure which one was playing the MLB position and which one was playing the WILL. There was a sweet Burton post pass to Justin Williams to end the drill. Justin had a few nice grabs again today.

Depth chart as I saw it...

QB - Brantley, Burton
RB – Moody, Gillislee
X – Thompson, Hammond
Z – Moore, J. Williams
P – Rainey, Patton, Clark
H – Reed, Parks, Christian
LT – Nixon, Young
LG – Wilson, Halapio
C – Pouncey, Koehne
RG – Hurt, Harrison
RT – Gilbert, Alajajian
NT – Hunter
DT – Howard, Okine
MLB – Beal, Bostic, Edwards
SAM – Jones, Finley, Ball
WILL – Hicks, Je. Jenkins
CB – Ja. Jenkins, Brown, Watkins
CB – M. Jenkins, Shaw
SS – Black, Elam
FS – Hill, Evans


QB – John Brantley
RB – Mike Gillislee
WR – Solomon Patton, Justin Williams, Josh Postell (walk on) with the play of the day.
TE – Jordan Reed
DL – William Green
CB – Janoris Jenkins, Moses Jenkins, Josh Shaw
Saf – Matt Elam, Ahmad Black

On special teams Chas Henry bombed a 50-yarder twice then shanked one...then a 60-yarder in the air. He told me after practice the biggest thing he needs to work on is staying consistent...I agree.

They were practicing a new drill with the gunners. The gunners would take off and the guys defending them would turn and race ahead of them for about 25 yards and then turn around and engage the gunners. Frankie Hammond is exceptional at blocking the gunners in this drill. He just looks like a guy that could play a little defense the way he slides to his opponent so easily.


On the recruiting front, Tampa Plant High School was well represented with running back / linebacker James Wilder, quarterback Philip Ely, and offensive lineman Tony Posada. Wilder is off and on lately on which side of the ball he wants to play, but he spent all day watching the running backs on Friday. He also was seen conversing with Percy Harvin. The Plant trio was accompanied by Plant Head Coach Robert Weiner.


Lawrence Marsh, Terron Sanders, Matt Patchan, Sam Robey, Carl Johnson, Brandon Antwine, Leon Orr, Chris Rainey, Andre Debose were all injured for some or most of practice. Orr did participate in some of the drills with the defensive linemen, he looks a little out of shape. Marsh could hardly move and has some kind of lower leg or foot injury. Rainey started the day but ended up with a slight hamstring pull. Debose ran some routes early in practice, but they aren't going to let him get into any action with defenders, even in non contact.

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