Spring: Practice 5 Highlights

It was a spring practice mostly dominated up front on defense, but there were some shining moments for the offense along the way. Quarterback John Brantley missed practice Wednesday and Trey Burton got almost all the snaps with an occasional break from punter Chas Henry who threw rather well. Here is a short highlight clip of the action.

Trey Burton continues to show his athletic ability and makes a coupe of great throws along the way. Deonte Thompson, supposedly in the tank, after being taken out of context and hammered in the media for two days, had arguably his best day of the spring this year. Stephen Alli showed some more promise.

On defense, the line dominated and the linebackers were everywhere. We have a couple of shots from linebackers Jelani Jenkins and Brendan Beal in the passing game making plays. Moses Jenkins continues to impress as the starting cornerback and Jeremy Brown really made strides.

Watch all of that and more on this short video clip from practice...

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