Hollywood Bob on FOXSports Radio

Bob Redman talked with Fox Sports Radio host John Fricke on Friday about the recent incident at the practice fields at the University of Florida involving Urban Meyer and a reporter from the Orlando Sentinel. Bob and most of the media don't see eye-to-eye on the situation, but that is the way it goes sometimes. Listen in on the interview.

Unfortunately the interview was shorter than either party wanted, but we got to fire back and forth on this subject for a few minutes.

In the end it is hard for me to understand the media's right to take a quote and put it in any context they want, but that is the way some feel. If that is the case, Urban Meyer has the right to keep that from happening to his players and thus has the right to keep those particular parties from interviewing his players.

That is my opinion and I tried to express what I could here in the limited time available.

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