Joel Hale on Gainesville

At 6-5, 290-pounds, defensive tackle Joel Hale from Greenwood (IN) Center Grove and his family visited the University of Florida today and the three-star defensive lineman spoke with about the visit.

"It's me, mom, step dad, brother and couple friends," Joel Hale said. "We got here about noon and went in through the championship room where all the national championship trophies are and that was real nice. I went and met with coach Addazio and talked for a while in his office. Then Mark Pantoni took us around camp and showed us everything and we learned what the UF was about. Then I sat with Coach Mac and I loved his intensity and he is always going and has a real high motor. I like the way he coaches and the way he treats the players and saw that in the meeting and in practice. We went and looked at The Swamp and it was unbelievable and then went to practice."

While some teams are looking at Hale on both sides of the ball he talked about where he sees himself playing at the next level.

"I see myself as a defensive tackle because of my size right now I mean I am already 290-pounds right now and can get bigger and that fits the defensive tackle position better than a defensive end."

Hale and his family had a chance to take in the Gator practice and spoke about what he liked.

"They are always moving. It's high intensity and they are always doing something. They never stop. Right after practice they had a team meeting then broke into defense/offense then position meetings, so I said goodbye to all the coaches and then got back in the car. Coach Addazio is coming up to watch me work in April so I will get to speak with him again and see where I stand. I really like it down here so we will see how it goes."

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