Video: McFarland Will Be Ready To Compete

The Florida Gators have a fierce competition going on this spring at tight end. Gone is all-American Aaron Hernandez and in his place are three freshmen that are vying for his spot. Mike McFarland of Tampa is signed on to play for Florida and will be joining the mix in June. He says he is ready to compete for the spot.

Mike McFarland stopped by the practice fields of the Florida Gators to get a glimpse of his future team and liked what he saw. He loves the way Florida utilizes the tight end and also knows he will have to work hard to compete with the guys already on campus.

McFarland weighs in at 6-6 and 240 pounds and wants to gain another five pounds of muscle before his arrival, but his basketball back ground makes him plenty athletic to put him squarely in the mix when he arrives.

Here is what McFarland told a gathering of media after practice on Wednesday.

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