Seferian-Jenkins Impressed with the Gators

The nation's No. 4 ranked tight end prospect is 6-7 and 243-pounds. He is from Gig Harbor (WA) and could project at three different positions at the next level. Tight end, offensive line or defensive line are all positions he could end up playing depending on how he fills out.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins holds offers from a bunch of top programs including UCLA, USC, Alabama, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Washington and Washington State as well as the Florida Gators. Jenkins recently visited the University of Florida with his mother and sister caught up with the big tight end.

"We flew into Miami on a red eye so it was early and we went to Miami and met with all the coaches down there and Coach Shannon and hung around and met everyone and had lunch. After that we went back to the hotel and the next day went back to Miami to watch practice and hung out with some players it was really good to see Miami I liked it."

After visiting the Miami Hurricanes it was time to make his way to Gainesville.

"After we left Miami we stayed in Orlando for a few days and did Epcot and hung out and stuff like that then drove over to Gainesville. We met up with Coach White and took the facility tour. It was really big and nice stuff. The facilities were nicer than anything I have ever seen so it was pretty cool. I went on the field and met with Urban Meyer and talked with him for about 45 minutes. He was very honest and told me what they thought about me and told my mom and I the things that I could accomplish at Florida. He was just really nice. Then I took the campus tour and then went and watched practice."

The first thing he noticed during practice was how short on tight ends the Gators actually are.

"They were short on tight ends that is what I saw and both are redshirt freshmen but practice was high energy and very competitive and that's what I like. Then we ate with the staff and went back to the hotel and then headed home."

There are numerous factors that go into making a decision of this magnitude and at the top of the list is usually distance but in this case that is not a factor.

"My mom doesn't mind how far I am away if it's a nice and safe area and if I am with good people."

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