Gator Saturday Scrimmage Breakdown

You will find everything you needed to know about the Florida Gators' football scrimmage from Saturday as we were there from the first snap till the last. The Florida defense won the battle this day, but the offense led by second team quarterback Trey Burton and running back Mike Gillislee made it very interesting at the end. Here is our play-by-play synopsis of almost the entire scrimmage.

It was big plays on offense and masterful play on the defensive front that made this scrimmage a good one to watch. Here is how it all broke down followed by summaries of each portion of the scrimmage.

Going In 5 yards from TD (all 3rd and 5 to start)

1's - Brantley hits T.J. Pridemore for a short lob pass in the end zone. (Offense)

2's - Burton at quarterback, Gillislee option around right side for a TD (Offense)

1's - Janoris Jenkins on 3rd down gets Moody in the backfield...Janoris with excellent coverage on Hammond blocking a TD (Defense)

2's - Gillislee regains himself, cuts outside and gets to the 1...On 4th and 1, the option goes from Burton to Gillislee in the front left corner of the end zone for the score. (Offense)

1's - Brantley keeps and gets a yard...Moody stutters inside then heads outside only to make it to the 1 (Defense)

2's – Gillislee stutters inside to draw the defense in, then runs an outside arc around the defense to the right for a score (Offense)

Summary: Brantley got it going on the very first play with a quick score, but then he and the first team didn't punch it in their last two tries. Janoris Jenkins on the first team defense was a big reason for this. The second group led by Mike Gillislee scored on all three possessions inside the five and Gillislee would just not be denied.

Coming Out (1st and 10 at the 1 ft. line)

1's – Drop back long fade pass to Deonte Thompson for about 40 yards. (Offense)

2's – Gillislee gets a yard on first down...Burton loses a yard on 2nd down...dropped pass, but behind Carl Moore on 3rd. (Defense)

1's – Moses Jenkins breaks up Brantley to Hammond pass...Brantley drops the snap...turnover (Defense)

1's – Urban yelling at Omar, "You don't like it out here, it's too early for you!!"...Moody gets 2 tough yards inside...(time out) Noticed Mo Hurt is in at left guard...Hines gets a shovel pass from Brantley for 4 yards...3rd and 5 and Rainey can't catch it on a post pattern. (Defense)

2's – Gillislee get 2 yards on 1st down...Burton gets 7 on a keeper up the middle...Burton sneaks for 3 more and the first down. (Offense)

Summary: The first team surprised on the very first play from their own end zone, dropped back and hit Thompson on the bomb, but without a quarterback running threat, the first offense was stymied inside their own one-yard line for their other two chances. Burton was the key running the ball on the last drive by the second group. The front seven won three of the five battles here.

Drives (ball starts at -35 yard line)

1's – First drive stalls in 3 downs (Defense)

1's – Brantley hits Reed for a 25 yard crosser...Inside the 25 yard line and Brantley dumps the ball to Rainey for about 8 yards for 3rd and 1 (Defense)...Meyer is all over Moody asking "Who's the number one back at Florida?!?!" before the snap...Moody stutters at first losing momentum and then can't push the pile and the drive stalls. (Defense)

2's – Gillislee for 13 yards on first down on a sweep left...Burton gets 12 yards to the (+40) on a keeper to the left...Burton over throws Carl Moore down the left sideline, Watkins in good coverage...Gillislee gets a hard 4 yards on 2nd and 10...Burton had a wide open Carl Moore at about 12 yards and overthrows. (Defense)

Caleb Sturgis misses FG from 53 yards just short and left...nails the second one about 8 yards over the crossbar.

1's – Jelani and Hicks and Elam in at the nickel...Rainey leaps over a defender and runs for 20 yards....Brantley loses 5 yards on bad snap, should have thrown it away but ran out of bounds...A.J. Jones tries to break up a bubble pass to Rainey, but the shifty back catches the ball and gets away for 9 yards...3rd -6 and Janoris breaks on a Deonte pass that Thompson should have had for a first down but drops. (Defense)

Sturgis from 52 and misses it wide right...then misses it again from same distance...then makes it.

2's – Gillislee runs for about 6 yards...Justin Williams catches a short outside pass and gets another 2 yards for 5 yards total...Reed at wild cat quarterback and gets 2 yards...Reed fumbles after getting the first, and the defense recovers, but they call him down and throw Burton in there again at the (+41)...Burton a hard fought 2 yards...Burton keeper for 3 yards ...3rd -5, Moore gets hit on a slant and coughs the ball up before he hits the ground, would have been a first. (Defense)

Sturgis from 48 yards nails it.

1's – (hurry up mode) Moody gets 5 yards...Moody for zero...Brantley hits Steven Wilks in at fullback for zero. (Defense)

2's – Hurry up mode) Gillislee sweep right, makes a guy miss in the backfield, then scampers for 49 yards...Gillislee again for 6 yards...Gillislee off left tackle for 9 yards to the 1 yard line...bad snap and Burton fails to fall on it. (Defense)

Punt block practice and Rainey and Janoris Jenkins back deep fielding punts.

Summary: Plain and simple, this is where the defense won the scrimmage. The offense had six tries to drive the ball and failed on all six drives. All three drives for the first group ended with the offense in 3rd down and medium distance situations. The whole playbook is available in those situations, so hard to say advantage defense. Give credit to a front seven again for really flying around in those situations. The two's had their chances on all three ends of series with a dropped pass (credit defense for timely hit), a bad snap, and an over throw of a wide-open receiver.

Drives starting on 2nd down

1's - (2nd -13) Brantley gets 13 on a scramble....Moody gets 10 on 1st -10... Should have been a sack, but Brantley hits Deonte Thompson for a 34-yard touchdown. (Offense)

1's - (2nd -12) Reed gets 14 yards on a nice inside catch...from the (+41) Gillislee for a hard fought 5 yards...roll out corner pass from Brantley to Reed for 18 yards...Offensive line really pushing here and Rainey drives for 5 yards. Meyer says point offense when they finish 15 yards from end zone (Offense)

2's – (2nd -9) Gillislee gets 5 yards...3rd and 4 and Moody gets 3 yards and comes up limping (quad muscle)...4th and 1, Wilks slips out of the backfield and Burton hits him on a roll out, play goes for 15 yards... Josh Shaw covers Omarius Hines well on a long pass incomplete...Rainey for 2...3rd -8, bad snap...4th -10...over on downs. (Defense)

Summary: First offense seemed much more focused here and maybe starting on second down in the drive was helpful in that way. The utilization of the tight end in the second series is something they really didn't do for the rest of the day and it worked well. Second offense caught the defense sleeping with the fullback pass. On the next attempt, they got themselves in tough down and distance situation and couldn't work themselves out of it.

3rd Down Series

1's (3rd-10) Brantley throws ahead of Thompson on a slant, incomplete...(3rd -8) bobbled snap and Jaye Howard gets a sack....(3rd -6) Brantley incomplete to Deonte...(3rd-4) another incomplete pass to Deonte....(3rd-2) Rainey and Ahmad Black fight for a post pass about 18 yards down field and Black comes up with it ala the Oklahoma game two years ago. (Defense) Offense fails on all 3rd down attempts. (defense dominates every 3rd down)

2's – (3rd-10) Neiron Ball goes for the steal in zone coverage and T.J. Lawrence pulls the ball in for a 1st down...(3rd-6) Lawrence bobbles the ball incomplete....(3rd-2) Burton with a keeper gets 4 yards and a 1st down.

Summary: The first unit really went 0-6, I missed one play. Plain and simple the defense just wanted it more in this phase against the ones. I missed a couple of plays from the second group and I think they went 4-6. If Lawrence didn't finally drop a ball that bounced in his hands with someone on top of them, it would have been 5-6. Give credit to Burton for some nice throws and composure here.

Score Defense 28 – Offense 15

Going In (1st and 10 at the +20...have to score)

1's – Duke Lemmens gets around Xavier Nixon for the sack...(2nd-12) Brantley hits Rainey for a short 4...Deonte catch for 2 yards (Defense)...4th down, William Green gets a sack when the offensive line slid away from him and left him uncovered...could have been a missed assignment from the backfield. (Defense)

2's – Bill Clark gets zero on first down....Rainey starts right then cuts back left and backward before weaving his way to five tough yards...3rd-5, Burton gets a bad snap and gets four yards on his own anyway...4th-1, Rainey weaves in traffic for four yards and a first down...1st-7, Burton purposely under throws to Carl Moore on the right side and Moore stops and hits the turf to catch a touchdown pass. (Offense)

1's – Okine gets a sack working at tackle, he handles Jon Halapio up front and put a real move on him...2nd-15, Deonte gets a slant pass from Brantley for 8 yards...Deonte on a post pattern to the 1 yard line....Gillislee loses two yards on 1st-2...fumbled snap...3rd-2, Brantley had Deonte 5 yards behind any defenders and overthrows him for what would have been an easy TD...4th-2, Gillislee weaves right behind center and right guard, ducks his head and gets into the end zone. (Offense)

2's – Rainey at running back and he gets 4 yards up the middle...Rainey again up the middle for zero...3rd-6, Burton with the roll out for 4 yards...4th-1, Jon Bostic levels Gillislee when he takes the ball wide left and holds the running back to zero. (Defense)

Summary: First defense had three sacks in the two series they were on the field in this section of practice. The offense was effective with the slant pass here when they tried. They got burned when they tried to drop back. Defense was able to get a 4th down on all four series, so in a regular game if the clock wasn't winding down, the other team would have gone for the field goal instead of going on 4th down. Defense played well here.

2 – Minute Drill

1's – Rainey takes shovel and gets 4 yards...Green with another sack from the right side for (-6)...Rainey collects short pass and gets 6 yards...4th-6, Rainey gets a pass in the slot for about 20 yards and a first down...spike the ball to stop the clock...2nd-10, a little out pass to Deonte for 5...incomplete...setting up for a FG and it 's good from 41 yards (Offense)

2's – Burton drops back and throws deep to Carl Moore who had Josh Shaw beat on the right side for a 64 yard touchdown, the ball was in the air for a good 35 yards or more and Moore was able to run under it and hardly broke stride. (Offense)

Summary: Rainey bailed out the first group and showed what a gamer he is by getting almost all of the positive yards in the first drive. Burton to Moore was a thing of beauty and should help both of their psyches moving forward this spring.

Final Score: Defense 41 Offense 35

Complete Scrimmage Thoughts: Meyer allowed the offense to have a lot of 4th downs ala Les Miles or this scrimmage would have been much worse in the eyes of the offense. Still, the offense had their share of big plays. Rainey, Deonte, and Gillislee carried them for a good part of the day, while Burton and Moore had a few big plays themselves to help out.

Areas of concern for the offense on Saturday included pass protection, bad snaps, and receivers holding on to the ball when it is in their hands...even with defenders on them. One strength was the power running game, the offensive line really had some push. Another was big play capability...there were three plays of 40+ yards and a few more of 20+.

On defense the front guys seemed everywhere today and the protection looked lost along the offensive line at times. The linebackers didn't make a bunch of plays because guys like Lemmens, Okine, Hunter, Green, and Howard made a bunch before the linebackers could get there.

Moses Jenkins and Janoris Jenkins made it very difficult on the passing game as well. They both played very good football on Saturday.

One area of concern is them getting pushed around some by the offense. The Gators have some beef up front on offense, but they aren't the only team they will see that from.


Injuries include RB Emmanuel Moody (hurt quad during the scrimmage), WR Solomon Patton(ankle), WR Robert Clark (unknown), WR Stephen Alli (groin), WR Andre Debose (hamstring), TE Desmond Parks (wrist), OL Carl Johnson (shoulder, OL James Wilson (leg), OL Matt Patchan (knee), OL Sam Robey (unknown), OL Kyle Koehne (shoulder), DE Kedric Johnson (ankle), DT Lawrence Marsh (unknown), DT Terron Sanders (unknown), S Josh Evans...and I hope that is it.

Guests in attendance included Former Gator players Aaron Hernandez, Tony George, John Brantley III, and Willie Rodgers. Gator signee Cody Riggs of Ft. Lauderdale was here in a boot as was his father who was on crutches. Prospects at the scrimmage included Gainesville (GA) linebacker A.J. Johnson, Tallahassee Lincoln running back Buck Allen, QB Kevin Sousa of Orlando Lake Nona, Ft. Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas receiver Phillip Dorsett, and Vero Beach offensive lineman Marcus Jackson (Miami commitment).

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