Carr is a Gator: "Dream Come True"

Jacksonville (FL) Bolles quarterback Chandler Carr had other opportunities but when the chance presented itself to walk on at Florida it was something he could not pass up. In his three years at Bolles he threw for more than 4,000 yards, added 57 touchdown passed, eight on the ground and only eight interceptions.

The accolades poured in for Chandler Carr who was named All-First Coast First Team quarterback last season by the Florida Times Union. He was also named to the first team All-State 2B Team by the Florida sportswriters. Bolles has won 10 championships but never back-to-back, which Carr helped accomplish in 2008 and 2009.

Carr talked about the relationship he has with his future position coach.

"I really haven't had a chance to spend time with Coach Meyer or Coach Addazio at this time, but I feel like I have gotten to know Coach Loeffler pretty well. I love his passion for the game and he knows more about the quarterback position than anyone I have ever met. From what I have seen at the spring practices I have been at, all the coaches just have so much energy and enthusiasm for being the best. Coach Loeffler has a great track record with walk on QB's at Michigan and that had some influence on my choosing to come to Florida."

For many high school football players it's a very difficult decision, but for Carr it was simple.

"I have been a Gator fan all of my life, so this is a dream come true for me to get a chance to be a part of the Gator football program. I had a chance to go to Cornell to play, but in the end, the chance to go to such a great academic school such as Florida, and compete with and against the best was just too good to pass up. I feel like I am really blessed to have an opportunity to come to Florida, play football and stay in the south where I have grown up."

What can Gator fans expect when Carr hits the practice field?

"I consider myself a drop back passer. A lot of big schools felt, at 6-0, I was too short, but there are many guys that have been really successful as a passer without being 6-4. I also feel like I have a strength in reading defenses, and not making mistakes. My high school coach, Coach Corky Rogers, is very demanding and if you make mistakes you won't make it with him. I feel like he really prepares you for adversity on the field and how to deal with it. I am working out really hard right now because Coach Loeffler has told me I better come in the best shape of my life. We have a great conditioning program at Bolles, so I am used to working hard, but right now I am working with a trainer to get as strong and fast as I can. I will be coming in with the other freshman in June and am just looking forward to learning and will try to contribute any way I can."

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