Butler Bad For BCS

Whether the NCAA Basketball Tournament stays at 65 teams or grows to 68, 72, 80 or 96 really doesn't matter. It is and will remain immeasurably superior to the inane manner in which college football chooses its champion.

The NCAA Tournament guarantees that each team in college basketball controls its destiny. Butler didn't need computer rankings in order to make its run at the NCAA Title. The Bulldogs didn't need the folks in the Harris Interactive poll to give them a big "thumbs up". Butler entered a championship tournament, kept winning and came within inches of becoming the most improbable of National Champions. Just like George Mason four years ago, Butler earned the right to perform on basketball's greatest stage on merit and merit alone.

This cannot and will not happen with the BCS. Sure, college football cam gives us a great story like Utah and Boise State going undefeated. College football can give us perfect regular seasons for TCU and Cincinnati. But the BCS will never allow a so-called mid-major or even an upstart program the opportunity to win it all. That remains my greatest argument against this fraudulent cartel that continues to control major college football's post-season. Any system to determine a champion simply must be based on this simple premise of competitive sports. Every team or individual should have control of its own destiny.


After winning his fourth NCAA Championship, Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski spoke of the BCS and the fact that a situation like Butler playing for the national title will never happen in football. I saw these quotes in an article by Tony Barnhart of the Atlanta Journal and Constitution. "No it can't because the top hundred football programs have their own thing and then there's I-AA", Krzyzewski said. "It's a completely different animal. And they don't have a system that would allow a smaller school to get into their spotlight in the BCS. They know what they're doing as far as (a) monopoly."

Krzyzewski added that the fact Butler and George Mason could reach the Final Four in recent years is a big part of why America loves "March Madness".

"That's why I think our tournament has captured America, is because everybody can get in it. Everybody can identify. Everyone's got a chance. And they got a chance right now, whether there is expansion or not, through their conference tournaments."


I'm not delusional enough to think that the anti-competitive mercenaries who control the BCS will suddenly get religion after seeing a feel good story like Butler's run to the NCAA Title Game. But it will create a challenge for BCS defenders, and it's a challenge I don't think they're up to.

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