Coach K Discusses Urban Meyer

Last week Florida football coach Urban Meyer acknowledged he had met with Duke basketball boach Mike Krzyzewski to talk about coping with stress and related topics. The conversation took place in Durham, North Carolina when Meyer was up there going through some medical tests and a physical evaluation.

Mike Krzyzewski was in many ways the ideal person for Meyer to talk to because the Duke coach took almost an entire year during the 1994-95 season to have back surgery and cope with exhaustion. He left the team 12 games into the season (9-3), but Duke struggled in his absence (4-15). He returned the following year, but his team just managed an 18-13 record.

Since then, however Krzyzewski has about as good a record as anyone including two of his four NCAA Championships.

Monday night after winning the NCAA Championship Krzyzewski shared some aspects of that visit. I thought it would be interesting to share those comments.

"The main thing we talked (about) is that he wasn't the only guy who, you know, that kind of stuff can happen to. I think it happens to a lot of people, whether you're in sport or business, and you haven't done anything wrong by feeling that way."

Krzyzewski added that Meyer had to make any decision about his long term future under the right set of circumstances.

"The main thing I told him (Meyer) was not to make decisions while you're feeling that way (exhausted); to feel better then make decisions, whatever that means. Getting away, counseling, whatever it means,"

Since his return to the team for the start of spring practice the most noteworthy thing that Meyer has done is the well publicized dust up with Orlando Sentinel writer Jeremy Fowler. While many around the country criticized Meyer for the incident, Krzyzewski said the confrontation was in a way quite similar to the way I categorized it.

"You know I didn't call him to tell him about press relations, but it showed me he may have had his vigor back."


The real test for how Meyer is doing won't come for a while, obviously. The Gator head coach will have to demonstrate he's learned better ways of coping with things after Florida loses for the first time this fall. That is, of course unless they don't lose.

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