Video: Coxson Has Size Advantage

It is hard to tell sometimes just how impressive some of the athletes look that don the Orange and Blue until you see them in person. On Saturday, we got our first personal look at Adrian Coxson, the freshman receiver from Baltimore (MD) that is signed to play for the Gators. Coxson is certainly impressive looking and talked about using his size to his advantage.

Adrian Coxson says he is 6-2.5 and 205 pounds, but he looks even bigger when you see him. With broad shoulders and a chiseled physique, Coxson looks like a defensive back's nightmare if he had the ball in his hands. A big time play maker in high school, Coxson will certainly be able to use his size to help him in college as well.

We talked briefly with Coxson this weekend in this exclusive video interview...

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