Higdon's Take: Mike Bellamy

Mike Bellamy, a five-star, 5-10, 175-pound blur is one of the most dangerous players in America in the open field and is a threat to score every time he touches the ball regardless of down and distance. He is a true game-breaker and difference-maker in every phase of the game.

From Punta Gorda (FL) Charlotte, Mike Bellamy is one of the most heavily recruited players throughout the country and has his pick of colleges such as Florida, Georgia, Clemson, Alabama, LSU, South Florida, Tennessee and USC.

Bellamy is no stranger to the University of Florida and is very familiar with the current Gators and has been on multiple visits to Gainesville. There have been multiple reports that the 4.31 blazer could be the next to join the class of 2011, but if you listen to Bellamy, that is the furthest thing from the truth who says he is in no hurry to make a decision of any kind.

In fact, Bellamy told me that he will be take a trip to Clemson this coming up weekend that could extend in upwards of 10-14 days. I actually thought his mother lived in Clemson when he told me how long he was going to stay. Turns out she wants him to take the trip and take a long hard look at Clemson and see if that would be an option for him. However, I will be utterly shocked if he visits Clemson for that long and would imagine he will stay possibly through the weekend.

Is Clemson a viable option for Bellamy? I would say yes. With the recently departed C.J. Spiller, Clemson is in a position to offer him immediate playing time and will sell him on the idea of coming in and replacing Spiller. They will tell him how many different ways he will be used and all the different ways they will get the ball in his hands. Can Clemson land Bellamy and Crowell? Not a chance in the world they can land these two players but they can land one of them in my opinion.

The University of Florida is the team that I have maintained all along that Mike Bellamy is most familiar with, and I believe that is the team he wants to play for. Having said that I also believe because he is so familiar with the Gators it's also the biggest thing going against them at this time. Bellamy knows all these players and has seen them he understands how good they are. Is he afraid of competition? Certainly not and in fact he has maintained he wants to play with the very best at the next level. Bellamy has also said he wants to go where he can play early and often and wants as many touches as possible year one.

The upcoming season might have more impact on Bellamy than anything when it comes time to make his decision. The Southeastern Conference is far superior to any other conference in all of college football and that is not up for debate. The Southeastern Conference has produced the last four BCS Champions and are poised to make it five in a row.

Will that outweigh playing for a team like Clemson for Bellamy? Only Bellamy himself can answer that question at this time but one thing is for certain Mike Bellamy wants to go where he can see immediate playing time and get the ball in his hands in as many different ways as possible.

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