Quarterback: Spring Highlights Extravaganza

Do you want to see how well the Gator quarterbacks threw all spring? We have separated junior John Brantley and freshman Trey Burton's spring session highlights and have them for you here. More than 100 plays from each of the top two quarterbacks on the Gator roster, and you wonder why their arms didn't fall off this spring.

To compliment our position breakdowns, we are going to bring you highlight reels from the spring to back up our diagnosis of each player. You'll see what we are talking about by watching these videos.

John Brantley had a pretty good spring, but started off a little choppy and wild as he anticipated the start. As the spring progressed his accuracy and level head took over and he was hitting his targets. Watch his highlights here.

Brantley Part 1

Brantley Part 2

Trey Burton progressed throughout the spring. By the end of it, he had a pretty good grasp of the playbook and was hitting second and third receivers in the progression. Burton may lack a perfect throwing motion, but his motion has progressed nicely as the spring wore on. Here are Burton's highlights from the spring, starting with his ability to really run with the ball.

Burton Part 1

Burton Part 2

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