Fisher's Foolishness

New FSU coach Jimbo Fisher has an idea for the annual game between Florida and the Seminoles. It's understandable that they might be looking for a new approach in Tallahassee after losing the past six games of the series, but Fisher's idea is so ridiculous as to almost defy belief.

Rather than play the traditional season closing matchup between the two schools, Fisher thinks it would be good to move the game to the start of the season. His reasoning is that whichever team loses would have the whole season to recover from their defeat. The Seminoles have tried that strategy with the Miami game numerous times this past decade and it hasn't helped them yet, but at least there could be some argument made for the merits of a switch. Where Fisher completely loses credibility is with the second part of his plan....

"Let's do it up here two years in a row," said Fisher to the Seminole Boosters of ATLANTA.

Yes, you read that correctly. FSU's head coach thinks it would be a great idea to move the state of Florida's biggest instate rivalry to the Georgia Dome.

Fisher later told the Orlando Sentinel his plan "would make a lot of sense" because the game would draw a large crowd and big TV ratings. The game already draws a huge crowd in Gainesville, and enough UF fans show up to fill in most of the empty spots at Doak Campbell Stadium. The game's TV ratings weren't an issue when FSU was capable of staying within four touchdowns of the Gators. If those are the best reasons Fisher has for suggesting this, he should be embarrassed.

No rivalry other than the truly unique Army-Navy is played outside the state of one of the two schools involved in the game. If Fisher doesn't grasp why it's a bad idea to deprive Gainesville and Tallahassee each of a huge business day in favor of having that money go to another state, he should be required to take remedial economics.

Beyond the bottom line, there are so many reasons why Fisher's proposal is a dreadful idea. Why would the schools want to deal with forcing both their fanbases to travel, removing one of their best days for on campus recruiting visits, reducing the value of season ticket packages and so many other damaging things? Tradition is supposed to be tossed aside because Jimbo Fisher thinks it might be fun?

There's no chance this suggestion of Fisher's will go anywhere, but it still tells us something about his vision for the FSU program. If his gameplans for Florida aren't better than his plan for the Florida game, Fisher won't be around very long in Tallahassee.

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