Will Today be Tebow's Day?

From the minute Tim Tebow walked off the field at the Superdome, the speculation about his NFL future began. It has been the story of the past four months, to the point that even this week one of the major subjects of pre-draft discussion was whether he would attend the draft in New York City. We now know the answer to that question is no, but there are still plenty more to be answered.

Thanks to the ongoing speculation regarding a possible trade of Ben Roethlisberger, it's still tough to put a definitive picture of where Tebow may go even here within 12 hours of the event beginning. Here are the best answers we do have at this point?


Absolutely - what's tough to say is where his window of opportunity opens. Buffalo is one team that's clearly indicated interest, but they're expected to go for a lineman with the ninth pick in the draft. The Bills have the ninth pick in round two, and there has been speculation they might look to trade that as part of a package for a late first rounder and take Tebow. Jacksonville and Denver, the teams at picks ten and eleven, have also been linked to Tebow but are not likely to take him at those positions. Each is expected to attempt to trade down for a later pick in the round, and Tebow could be a consideration for them at that later spot should they be able to do so.

One big key to where Tebow falls will be what happens with Notre Dame's Jimmy Clausen. Either Tebow or Colt McCoy will be the third quarterback chosen, and the quicker Clausen is off the board the earlier Tebow becomes a possibility. The odds are good that will happen by San Francisco's second first round pick at seventeen, if not sooner. The first possible draft choice a team currently has where Tebow could come into play is the 22nd spot, which belongs to the New England Patriots. While Bill Belichick is a known Tebow admirer, he'd be more likely to select him with one of their three second round picks.


That would be the Minnesota Vikings, especially after they signed Lito Sheppard yesterday to reduce their need at cornerback. The Vikings need a quarterback to develop behind Brett Favre, and it's clear they don't feel anyone on their roster right now is that guy. Coach Brad Childress has worked out Tebow and believes he can play QB in the league. There's no question Tebow has chemistry with Percy Harvin, last season's Minnesota first rounder and Rookie of the Year. At this point, if Tebow is still on the board for the Vikings at number 30 it looks very possible he may be the pick.


As noted above, Denver is definitely interested. Josh McDaniels developed Matt Cassel, who didn't start a game in his entire college career at USC, into an NFL quarterback. He certainly believes he can do the same with Tebow, and the Broncos have met with him twice in the past week. Lots of media speculation has Denver trading down with Philadelphia for the 24th spot, a place where Tebow might be a reasonable choice for them.

Buffalo would have to trade up to get into the late first round, but the Bills need a quarterback badly enough they might do so to get a guy Jim Kelly has publicly endorsed drafting. They, Denver and Minnesota are Tebow's most likely destinations as of this writing.

Carolina doesn't have a first round draft choice, but the Panthers have shown a willingness to deal to get one in the past. Quarterback is a major need for them, and Tebow would have a lot of personal appeal in that market that might help at the box office. New England has lots of second round choices and a coach that likes Tebow who also has no reason to be concerned about public reaction to his draft picks. These teams are the next tier of possibilities for Tebow.

Washington wouldn't seem to need a quarterback with their recent trade for Donovan McNabb, but team management has been telling NFL media people that they may still draft one. Tebow has met with them and could be an early second round or tradeup consideration. Philadelphia could be interested in Tebow as their new developmental quarterback should Kevin Kolb struggle, but most predraft buzz has them looking to make a move up in the draft rather than use their picks they currently have in the "Tebow range".

Seattle and Cleveland also need quarterbacks. The Seahawks seem to be the more likely of the two to want Tebow, but with no picks between 14 and 60 they would have to trade for a choice in the range Tebow is expected to go. The Browns seem to favor Colt McCoy as a second round pick over any first round move at the position, but there's always the possibility that's a smokescreen. If McCoy was gone and Tebow still there when pick 38 rolled around, there's a decent chance he'd be chosen.

Two wildcards are Jacksonville and Oakland. The Jaguars have had to consider whether Tebow would be a big enough box office draw to make it worth drafting him even though quarterback is not one of their primary needs. Word is they aren't likely to select Tebow, but stranger things have definitely happened. The Raiders are normally one of the teams making the strange things happen. Oakland has a huge need for a quarterback since JaMarcus Russell has been a disaster, but it's not believed they would consider one at the eighth draft pick. Could they make a move into the end of round one to get a targeted guy at the position? With Al Davis at the helm, anything's possible.

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