Guessing on Round One

Well, the NFL Draft is here which means we are almost through with the dissection of every aspect of Tim Tebow's throwing motion. That alone is enough to make this day seem like a holiday. Tebow is not only of the best players college football has ever seen, he's also the most scrutinized draft pick in history.

This is also a day that promises to see at least two Gators taken in the first round with three others have at least a chance at being called in the first 32. Here's my guess as to how it plays out. If I'm right the Gators will have three first round selections for the first time since 1989. If I'm wrong, I won't be all that surprised.

Joe Haden No. 13 San Francisco ---- The best corner in the draft falls a little bit, but that's not that bad of a thing. Cleveland (No. 7) and Jacksonville (No. 10) are also possibilities but I think Haden is heading out West and it should be a good fit. They might go offensive tackle here, especially if there's a run on them earlier. If they do, they'll hope to grab Haden at No. 17.

Maurkice Pouncey No. 19 Atlanta ---- The common sense pick is to send Pouncey to the Steelers at No. 18, but I have a feeling the whole Ben Roethlisberger situation is going to end up changing things at No. 18 one way or the other. Atlanta would be thrilled to see Pouncey on the board and plug him into their offensive line for a decade or so.

Tim Tebow No. 30-32 (TBA) ---- There are a bunch of teams interested in and intrigued by Tebow and I have a gut feeling (no small feeling I admit) that there will be a flurry of activity at the end of round one. It could be Buffalo moving up from No. 41 or New England, or Jacksonville which is trying to trade down anyway.

I guess I'm wimping out a bit by not being specific here, so I'll go with the Jaguars, trading down with Indianapolis to pick up an extra pick or two. The Colts need help on the offensive line and can't get what they need at No. 31. For those concerned that the pressure of playing in Jacksonville would be a negative I can only say, you don't know Tim. He would thrive in the selection. He would be patient behind David Garrard. And he would see a slew of tickets in a place where they are desperate for buzz and excitement.

We'll see how it goes tonight and project the Gators in rounds two and three.

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