Johnson Flying Under the Radar

Cape Coral (FL) was very friendly to the University of Florida last year sending cornerback Jaylen Watkins to play his college football with the Gators. One player for the class of 2011 who is flying under the radar is safety Chris Johnson. Checking in at 6-1 and 190-pounds with a 4.6 40-yard dash Johnson is looking for his first offer.

"I visited the University of Miami and University of Florida. I thought both schools were very nice and it'd be exciting to be enrolled in either. Florida though feels like it could easily be called home. I think the University of Florida is an excellent college with an attractive history. It's produced amazing NFL athletes, and it usually has winning programs. The rankings speak for the team; it has talent at every position and regardless of all the superstars, they play as a family, which is something I think is very important.It'd be nice to go there, the competition is top-level and the environment is great."

Chris Johnson talked a little about his game.

"As a player I think my strength is athleticism. I have the size and leaping ability to be a receiving threat, I have the length and reckless mindset to block, I can tackle, and I have the hips to cover. So in college I think I'll more than like be a SS. I think I'm better than most people that play that position is that I'm a dual threat because I can hit and cover. I need to get bigger and work on being less conservative to move forward. I like the outlook of my senior season, I wouldn't want it any other way. Myself personally, I feel like it's the perfect chance to really prove myself without being overshadowed by Jaylen, Spencer, and Jeremy. But on the other hand, everyone expects less of us because those guys are gone. I know we have the talent and the heart to win a championship, we just have to play together and prove it."

Johnson benches 260 pounds with a 350-pound squat and 260 power clean.

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