Johnson Ready for Spring

Chris Johnson, a 6-1 and 185-pound safety from Cape Coral (FL) has gone seemingly under the radar to this point in time.

"I'm real excited," Chris Johnson said about spring ball. "I think I am more excited about this spring than I have been for any other one."

"I'm really ready to play and I feel more confident than I ever have. I think we have a good team that should do well in the spring game, and I'm excited to see just how good we can be.

"The recruiting process is still slow, and no schools are offering or showing any deep interest yet. But that just makes me want to play more; I know I have what it takes to be play and be successful in the next level, and now is my chance to go out and prove it. I know a bunch of schools are going to be coming by our school, I don't know which specific ones though. The spring should be interesting"

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