Leonard Getting Comfortable

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Florida commitment A.C. Leonard is at his third high school since the end of last football season, but he is trying to settle down. Back home in Jacksonville, Leonard is now at University Christian and seems to have found a comfort zone in the change. Leonard is getting a parade of college coaches coming by to check he and his team out, as should be expected.

University Christian is running a spread offense and A.C. Leonard is allowed to play with his hand on or off the ground at different times. Gifted with size (6-3, 240) and amazing athletic skills for that size, Leonard is a great mismatch for teams as a tight end.

"It's the spread and I am playing a little tight end," Leonard said noting that he splits wide as a receiver also. "I like it, I get a chance to block and get a chance to go out wide and catch some balls."

On one play we watched, Leonard was blocking and drove his man laterally several yards and completely off the playing field. It drew a lot of praise from his offensive teammates. Leonard just smiled when asked about it and said, "I don't stop until the whistle blows."

The transfer to University Christian is one he enjoys so far and Leonard likes the prospects of the 2010 season.

"I think we are going to be pretty good," he said. "Once we get in the flow of it and everyone knows what they are doing, we are going to be alright."

Not worried about personal goals, Leonard expects to do well, but wants to win and believes he has a strong supporting cast, including a gifted quarterback that will help.

"I am just going to come out and do what I do," he said. "This is my last year and I hope to have a big year. My quarterback is smart and strong."

His commitment to Florida is strong, but that hasn't helped college recruiters from coming by and checking him and his teammates out.

"There have been a couple come through every other day just hollering at me and asking 'what's up?'," he said about the college coaches.

Florida is certainly on top of him and ready to make sure he follows through with his commitment. Quarterback coach Scot Loeffler recruits the Jacksonville area and although he isn't allowed to converse with Leonard per NCAA rules during a visit at this time, he made sure that Leonard knew he was there.

"Coach Loeffler came by and checked on my grades but he can't say much to me," Leonard said. "I called him later on that night and we talked. It is strange that they aren't allowed to talk."

Florida has plans for Leonard which include getting him into school early so he can get a jump start on his freshman season.

"They just stay on top of me about my grades and make sure I am qualified," he said about conversations he has with various Florida coaches. "They just want me ready for the test so that I am good to go and can enroll early."

With the regular season some four months away, there are things that A.C. Leonard wants to improve on before he can get to that senior season, and certainly before he enters college.

"I want to get faster, more flexible, and learn to block better so I am ready for the next level," he said. "I want to get down to a 4.5 or a 4.4 (in the 40). I want to keep my weight and add more muscle."

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