Four-Star Greene Focused on Team

Rashad Greene is a big time playmaking receiver at Ft. Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas and looks to be a leader on a team that just finished 14-1 and almost finished as three-time state champs. Greene brings exceptional skills that are drawing the interest of some of the nation's elite college programs. Not prone to have a big head, Greene will continue to work hard to get better.

Aquinas is one of the supreme powerhouse programs in the country and regularly puts out big time athletes that go on to major college programs. This year will be no different than any as the Raiders will be one of the favorites to win it all.

"We had a practice scrimmage (Saturday), we did well on both sides of the ball," Rashad Greene said when asked how his team was looking. "The offense should be better, since we have the same quarterback and two starting receivers here. We have two pretty good running backs that stepped in for the guys that left and a pretty good offensive line as well.

"We are aiming to go all the way and play 15 games and finish all 15 undefeated. That is the team goal and what we look for. Myself,. I just want to win as a team and just get better and help my teammates get better."

Silky smooth with a penchant for the big play, the 6-1, 175 pound Greene has drawn the attention of every major college program in the South.

"Scouts say they like my speed, route running, and tell me everything I do looks so natural," he said. "I just try and work hard that way to make it that easy. They like how I can create separation, spread the field, I can play slot or outside. I can also return punts with my athletic ability.

Ever the humble player, Greene knows he still has some things to work on to get better.

"The one thing I still work hard on is at the top of my routes and get in and out of cuts quicker," he said. "The coaches are working with me on that and then I also want to build my upper body strength."

What makes him a special player is just how hard he works. That is a trait that has drawn the interest from programs everywhere that are eager to add a leader type of skilled play maker to their team. That hard work has paid off in leadership skills as he moves into his senior season.

"My work ethic...I go hard every practice," Greene said was the thing that most coaches tell him they notice about him. "We have a good intense practice every day. I try and keep it up and don't lose focus on the field.

"I consider myself a leader, and will have to be a team leader. I'm not much of a talker, but I am going to have to do that. I can do it, I talk, but we always had someone else doing it before me."

Programs everywhere have inquired about the elusive receiver and he is still open, but six teams stand out at the moment.

"There is really no school coming harder after me than another, it is all about the same," he said. "I am wide open to everybody, but have a group of schools above the others. Florida State, Georgia, Miami, Florida, Wake Forest, and North Carolina. I am looking at them the hardest, but still looking at everyone."

Greene talked about these six programs and what he sees they bring to the table.

Florida State: "I believe strongly that Jimbo is going to do the same things he did at LSU. All his receivers at LSU went in the first round and I strongly believe he is going to turn the FSU offense around."

Georgia: "I like the fact they run a pro-style offense and they are one of the top teams in the SEC at throwing the ball."

Miami: "They produce a great amount of receivers already in the NFL and in the Hall of Fame. That is something good to look at for the NFL."

Wake Forest: "I just know they beat FSU two years in a row or three and they have great academics, because that is very important to me."

North Carolina: "When they produce their receivers, they are already NFL ready. They run the same thing as NFL teams and that is something to look forward to, because I plan on taking my football career as far as I can."

St. Thomas Aquinas has been very kind to the Florida Gators. Safety Major Wright started for over two seasons and just left college early for the NFL as a third round pick. Starting right tackle Marcus Gilbert will be drafted next year and has great memories and excellent play on the field to show for his time at Florida.

Florida receivers have stepped it up a notch in the NFLL in recent years with Percy Harvin, Louis Murphy, and Andre Caldwell all having championship seasons at Florida and then carrying on their great play into the NFL. Receiver coach Zach Azzanni is hoping to add players like Greene to the mix to help carry on that tradition.

"Their offense is just explosive and the fact that Tim Tebow is gone they will be throwing it more," Greene said of the Gators. "John Brantley is not really a running quarterback, but a thrower. I just like that I could be in the mix to catch the ball there."

"I want to be able to work with a program that puts receivers in the league and they could be the one that does that. Coach Azzanni he is a good person. When I lived in Georgia and went to the Florida camps he was there working there and I kind of clicked with him there. We talk about that a lot."

He spent most of his life in Georgia and grew up watching the Bulldogs, but he isn't stuck on the Red and Black.

"I didn't have a favorite team, but I watched, Georgia, Florida, and Miami a lot," Greene said.

In the end, the self described fan of math, wants a degree in Sports Management so that one day, when he is done playing football, he can help manage other players in their careers. However, what he is looking for in a program is one that will allow him a chance to get on the field early in whatever capacity he can.

"I am going to pick a school that is looking for me to come in and be an impact player, not the main player, but a person that can get in the mix and catch some passes in year one," he said. "I just want a chance to compete for the job."

Rashad Greene has shown that if he was given that chance he will work as hard or harder than anyone to make sure he takes full advantage of that chance.

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