In Football Transfers Common, Not Stressful

The decisions of Brendan Beal and Adrian Bushell were neither surprising nor all that traumatic to the Gator football program. While a couple of transfers from the basketball team are cause for great consternation football transfers are far more frequent and less of a concern.

The reason is obvious. When you have 85 scholarships, losing five or more guys a year is like losing one basketball player. Just look at the Florida roster entering last football season. There were ten guys on that roster that could have been part of the 2010 team but won't be.

Five of them left the program for reasons like health, playing time and disciplinary problems. That group includes Jim Barrie, Gary Brown and Edwin Herbert in addition to the two recent departures.

The other five all left to pursue pro football careers. Joe Haden, Maurkice Pouncey, Carlos Dunlap, Aaron Hernandez and Major Wright all made the decision to pass on another season of college football.

Ten of 85 players leaving school early represent about 12 percent of the roster. Two of 13 basketball players leaving is 15 percent. Yet when Billy Donovan loses a couple of guys it's considered a sign of a problem. Well if that's true, then Urban Meyer must have a similar problem, right?

Well, in a word, no. But then again, neither does Donovan. It's a rare season when the Gator Basketball team doesn't lose at least one player early to pro ball or transfer. It's probably going to happen again before the 2011-12 season gets underway.

Attrition will remain an annual event in football as well. It's virtually unavoidable. Heck, the service academies lose guys before their junior year. Players will leave because they realize they're not good enough or their coaches reach that conclusion. They leave because the rules are too strict. They leave because they think they deserve more playing time. They leave because they want to be closer to home. Players leave. It has always been the case and it always will be.

Three months ago I tried to convince many on this site that there was no cause for concern about Billy Donovan's level of early departures. Today I offer up the same perspective on Urban Meyer losing ten guys from the start of the 2009 season to today. There's nothing wrong.

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