Donovan: Tishman, Allen Won't Return

Gator basketball coach Billy Donovan confirmed Monday that Nimrod Tishman will remain in Israel for the upcoming school year and that while Adam Allen is keeping his options open staying with the Gators will mean he is attending school but not on an athletic scholarship.

Billy Donovan met with the media Monday morning to confirm that the two additional scholarship players that Florida potentially had on its 2010-11 roster would not cause a numbers problem for the Gators. Instead Florida will be at the NCAA limit of 13. It means the Gators will have a full compliment of players for the first time in several years.

Nimrod Tishman played sparingly in his year in Gainesville struggling with everything from language barriers to athleticism shortcomings and the effort needed to compete day in and day out at this level. Allen on the other hand has chronic knee injuries that may never let him play at his previous level of more than two years ago. Allen could still take a medical hardship and stay on scholarship at UF or he could transfer down to a lower division.

Donovan commented on the two players.

On Tishman's future:

"Nimrod is not going to come back and I felt like that was going to happen. I love him as a kid and he had a great experience here. But I think (it was disappointing) for him coming all the distance that he came and not really getting an opportunity to play as much as he would like to. I think part of him wanted to come back, but I don't think he wanted to come back if it was the same situation. He's got some opportunities in Israel that he is going to pursue professionally. I loved coaching him and still have a great relationship with him and his family but he's going to stay over there."

On Adam Allen:

"Adam hasn't played in two years and I want to give him every opportunity to come back and play and I think that's what he wants to do. But I think there's so much uncertainty as to where he's going to be physically once our season starts. His rehab is going well and he's on course, but he really hasn't been able to do anything basketball wise yet. The challenge for him is getting himself healthy to the point where he can compete and play. One of the things that was available to Adam was a medical exemption where he could stay on scholarship but he'd have to give up the chance to ever do anything athletically at the collegiate level. He also understands we need to recruit and need to field a team. He's been great. His family's been great. He has a Bright Future's scholarship available to him academically."


Donovan also talked about South Dakota big man Cody Larson who signed with UF despite some legal entanglements. Larson received 120 days in jail for his role in not reporting illegal drug use, but that sentence is suspended as long as he stays clean and lives up to the community service requirements.

Donovan spoke about giving Larson a chance:

"As we got into the recruiting process they (Larson and his family) were very forthright, up front and open about what had happened. I sensed a young man who was very naïve in a lot of respects. The people that I know because of dealing with Mike (Miller) say he's a great kid and he made a mistake. I think he's very remorseful for what happened. From my perspective getting to know him a little bit better I think this was a mistake that he took responsibility for and was up front and honest with me about. I talked to Jeremy Foley and Jamie McCloskey about everything. Our school was totally aware of what was going on and they looked into it too. I think we all felt this was a mistake that he made and he's certainly paying the price for. But we think he can be a good person and a good player and everyone around him that I know says nothing but great things about him."


Donovan also talked at length about Scottie Wilbekin and we'll have that tomorrow. Also, Donovan says he could not comment on the addition of transfer Mike Rosario from Rutgers. He also said he was not aware of Ray Shipman settling on a school for his future. Shipman is transferring from UF after two seasons.

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