Best Kept Secret in Florida, No More

At 6-5 and 270-pounds, it's hard not to get noticed, and get noticed is exactly what Terry Bell has done by just about every college coach in America.

From Lakeland (FL) Tenoroc, Terry Bell holds offers from Minnesota, Georgia, West Virginia, Eastern Michigan, Kentucky, Louisville, Tennessee, South Carolina, Clemson, Florida State, Ole Miss, Auburn, Texas Tech, Iowa State and Illinois to name a few. Rutgers, Michigan, Florida, Georgia Tech, USC and Vanderbilt are all close to offering.

"I play right and left tackle on offense but defensive tackle is my specialty," Bell said. "I want to play defensive tackle at the next level. I can catch running backs in the backfield and every now and then will get a sack. I stop plays at the goal line and can chase backs down going sideline to sideline."

Bell has grown up watching the "Big Three."

"I have always lived down in Florida, Polk County. Growing up my favorite team was probably Miami because my cousin is Ray Lewis and he played for them. His grandfather and my grandfather are brothers. Miami has not offered me so I don't know and they have only called one time asking me for my information."

Bell talked about the Gators.

"I watched Florida because of the Pouncey twins, they were my idols at that level. Florida is a good school but a lot of people want to go to Florida and I think I might want to try something new but don't get me wrong they have a chance. I have also been watching Carlos Dunlap so they have a chance. Most of the time I watch Florida State and Miami."

Bell is in no rush and is open to everyone looking at him. He is going to pay close attention to more than one factor to help assist him in the recruiting process.

"Academics, depth chart, school spirit a lot of things I am looking at. I am starting to look into all the schools before I decide if I am interested."

Bell benches 310-pounds and squats 420.

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