Incoming Gators Ready To Go

Eleven of the 28 recruits for the class of 2010 were able to enroll early. As hard as these 11 are working, the other 17 have been working just as hard if not harder as they close in on arriving in Gainesville.

Most should arrive between June 21-24. I had a chance to meet most of the 2010 class at this past Orange and Blue Game. To say the 2010 class is as physically impressive as I have ever seen is a big understatement.

The 2011 class will be very special but this group for 2010 might go down as one of the greatest recruiting classes of all-time

This is where they stand today:

Dominique Easley 6-2 and 293-pounds
Tyler Murphy 6-2 and 197-pounds
Lynden Trail 6-6 and 215-pounds
Ronald Powell 6-5 and 243-pounds, benching 425 (just measured by his DL coach)
Chaz Green 6-5 and 301-pounds
Adrian Coxson 6-2 and 208-pounds
Travon Van 5-11 and 192-pounds
Michael Taylor 6-1 and 220-pounds
Cody Riggs 5-9 and 170-pounds
Sharrif Floyd 6-3 and 295-pounds, lost 30-pounds since the Orange and Blue game
Mack Brown 5-11 and 200-pounds
Gideon Ajagbe 6-2 and 210-pounds
Jonathan Dowling 6-4 and 195-pounds
Chris Dunkley 6-0 and 188-pounds
Darrin Kitchens 6-3 and 214-pounds
Quinton Dunbar 6-3 and 187-pounds
Mike McFarland 6-6 and 250-pounds

It remains to be seen how this class turns out but all indications are they are on a mission. As many as 20 of this year's class could see the field this season.

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