Meyer Explains his Situation

DESTIN, Fla. - Urban Meyer's appearance was the featured attraction of day number one of the SEC meetings. The Gator head coach explained what the medical condition was which nearly chased him from college football as well as how he's altered his routine to reduce his stress.

According to Urban Meyer the chest pains which plagued him for the last year and a half were the result of esophageal spams. He says that since beginning medication for the condition he has not felt the pains since late January. He feels that was the single most important piece of resolving his health issues.

"All that was related to what the heck were those pains going through my chest. Once you find out what that is, life gets a little better quickly."

The coach declined to provide any further details on the condition when pressed by the media. According to Meyer the key for him to avoid being as stressed going forward is to trust his coaching staff and let them do their jobs. As an example, he cited strength coach Mickey Marotti.

"I've got the best strength coach in America, and to sit there and micromanage our strength program would be nonsense. I did that for a few years."

Meyer set an optimistic tone for the coming season when asked about the impact of losing so much top talent and experience from last year's roster.

"We have some really good players. They might not be the marquee name guys right now, but hopefully they'll become that."

One thing which appears to be feeding the coach's positive vibe is that Florida can once again chase a goal rather than trying to maintain their existing success.

"This year's a little easier. I like our guys right now," said Meyer. "I kind of like the look in their eye."

While making clear he has no inside knowledge when it comes to possibilities for conference expansion in the coming years, Meyer stated his preference for the SEC remaining as is.

"The SEC's elevated itself to one of the top conferences if not the top over the last four or five years... I kind of like the way things are."

One rumor Meyer debunked was that he met with Pope Benedict last week while on vacation in Italy. After joking that the pontiff wanted to discuss Florida's third down offense, he said the meeting did not actually occur.

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