Five-star RB Will Visit UF

The Florida Gators will be undergoing an identity change on offense with the departure of Tim Tebow. What that change will exactly be is an unknown at this moment, but they are looking to change the perception of the running game. The Gators finished sixth in the country in rushing in 2009 yet the perception is Tebow was the main rusher in the offense. Savon Huggins could change that perception.

Savon Huggins is an exceptional talent from the elite St. Peter's Prep in Jersey City (NJ). At 5-11 and 200 pounds he has elite speed and explosiveness that is drawing the premier programs to watch him and offer him a scholarship to play football.

Glad to be done with school for his junior year, Huggins is looking forward to a few trips to see some top programs before he starts back up again in August. Up first is a trip to the state school of New Jersey to watch a friend.

"School is out," he said with excitement. "I am just chilling right now and then I will probably head over to Rutgers because my boy is playing in an all-star game over there."

Other visits on hand include a definite trip to Florida and a possible one out west.

"I will be visiting Gainesville in August during two-a-days," he said. "We start back after the first week of August. I am possibly taking a west coast trip some time this summer."

Huggins runs track and the all-purpose back stars in the 200 meters, 400 meters, and the 4x400 meter events. The over all athletic ability means more and more schools are after him, but he knows it is getting time to start cutting the list down.

"I am going to narrow it down in another month," he said.

One school that looks to be in great shape is the University of Florida and for a variety of reasons, including a budding relationship with running back coach Stan Drayton.

"I have a good relationship with coach Drayton," Huggins said. "He talks and emails me almost every day. Coach Urban Meyer I talk to a lot. My teammate Will Hill goes there. I also know Josh Evans."

Never afraid of competition, Huggins has one thing in mind when it comes to the football field and that is to win. With that in mind, he wants to go to a place that he will have to work hard to contribute a lot and a place that will stand at the top of the proverbial food chain in college football.

"I know that if I go there I will play against the best and play for national championships every year," Huggins said of Florida. "I want to be at a place where they are playing for it every year. They are still getting top recruits, so nothing is going to change."

His former teammate Will Hill will start at free safety for Florida in 2010 and has really talked up the Gator program to the speedster from Jersey.

"He said, 'If you want to compete, it is the place to compete'," Huggins said of Hill. "'If you come here you are going to get bigger', and I have seen him work out...if you want to get to the next level, you can't get a better school than Florida."

Huggins and Drayton have talked a lot about how he would be utilized in the offense, but according to Huggins, Drayton wants to show him for himself.

"I am interested to get down there so we can sit down and talk and we can watch film together," Huggins said of the Gator assistant. "They are going to run different packages for pro-style and the spread stuff. They are looking for a big back. They are talking me up and recruiting me hard."

Florida indeed is in a transition of sorts as they try and utilize their personnel, including a different quarterback and some excellent drive blocking linemen. The plan is to utilize both the spread offense and pro sets to take advantage of the big guys up front and a quarterback that is less likely to want to run with the ball.

"Pro-style is what I am looking for, but I am not going to exclude the spread when being recruited," Huggins said. "I run both styles at my high school, so I am used to doing both.

Some folks compare him to Eric Dickerson, some top Marshall Faulk, and others to Adrian Peterson. Huggins says he is his own man, but his leadership skills are something he really takes pride in.

"I am a leader on and off the field," he said. "I love developing a relationship with my line. I run through tackles and do everything coach asks me to do. I am versatile and will catch the ball out of the backfield when asked."

What more could Florida ask for in a back?

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