SEC Fans Living the Dream

The top prize in college football is of course the BCS National Championship, a trophy that lives in the Southeastern Conference. SEC teams have not only won the last four in a row but five of the last seven BCS National Titles and a whopping eight since league expansion in 1992.

How else could one possibly measure who has the best conference in the land? Turning our attention to the National Football League draft and the Southeastern Conference leads the way yet again. The league saw 49 players drafted this past draft, 15 more than the Big Ten. What's even more impressive is for the second season in a row the league lost 14 underclassmen to the NFL draft.

Looking at overall wins and you will find the Gators over the last five years leading the way with an astounding 57 wins or more than 11 wins a season since Urban Meyer's arrival in Gainesville. Three of the last four seasons, the Gators have won 13 games ('06,'08,'09). The last four seasons the Gators are tops in the league with a 27-5 record (48-7 overall) and have two SEC Championship crowns as well as two BCS Championship Titles ('07,'09).

Alabama checks in with a 22-10 conference record the last four seasons (39-15 overall) but has put together back-to-back perfect regular season records until the SECCG. Alabama is coming off a perfect season in 2009, capped with an impressive beating of Texas in Pasadena. The Crimson Tide have also won 49 games over the last five seasons, just less than 10 wins per season. What makes that number even more impressive is the Tide only won a total of 13 games in 2006 and 2007 meaning the other three seasons the Tide have totaled 36 wins or an average of 12 wins per season in 2005, 2008 and 2009.

LSU and Georgia are tied for the third spot each going 20-12 in league play over the last four seasons. LSU is actually second only to Florida the last four seasons in total wins, checking in at 40-13 but have been average in league play the last two years. LSU has won an amazing 51 games over the last five years for an average of 10.2 wins per season. Georgia checks in with 48 wins over the last five seasons but saw its lowest win total (8) over that span. Even with Georgia dipping under the double digit win mark last season they have averaged 9.6 wins per year over the last five and during the last four seasons have gone 39-14 overall tied with Alabama for wins.

Auburn checks in with a 33-18 record overall the last four seasons and had the SEC's second largest crowd at just under 64,000 for the spring game. Alabama had more than 90,000, Florida had more than 50,000 while Georgia and Tennessee both eclipsed the 35,000 fan mark. It doesn't matter how you try and compare the SEC with the rest of the college football world they continue to rise to the top.

SEC fans can make the case they have the top wide receiver in America with Georgia's A.J. Green, the top offensive lineman in Florida's Mike Pouncey, the top running back in Alabama's Mark Ingram, the top cornerback in LSU's Patrick Paterson, the top linebacker in Dont'a Hightower or even the top punter in Florida's Chase Henry with Georgia's Blair Walsh making a strong case as the top place kicker in America.

In recruiting, you guessed it, more of the same with the Southeastern Conference leading the way. Led by the Gators the league had four of the top six classes in the land and five of the top nine.

Florida brought in arguably one of the greatest recruiting classes of all time with five-star superstars such as Ronald Powell, Shariff Floyd, Dominique Easley, Matt Elam and Chris Dunkley. Alabama landed players like Demarcus Milner, John Fulton and Phillip Sims while Georgia inked superstars Brent Benedict, T.J. Stripling and Garrison Smith. Auburn landed Michael Dyer and Shon Coleman while South Carolina landed Marcus Lattimore, Victor Hampton and Kelcy Quarles. Tennessee brought in Justin Hunter, Da' Rick Rogers and Corey Miller.

Recruiting, BCS Titles, wins or the NFL draft -- regardless of the question the answer remains the same with the Southeastern Conference being the top league year in and year out in America.

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