Finney-Smith Has UF Connection

The nation's No. 6 rated small forward, Dorian Finney-Smith is the type of player Billy Donovan and company are looking for. Unselfish, with the skills to take over a game, Dorian Finney-Smith has somewhat of a connection to the University of Florida. The versatile swing man isn't close to making a college decision, but he does know that he would like to visit the Gators this summer.

From Norcom HS in Portsmouth (VA), Dorian Finney-Smith has been playing basketball for quite some time and has a couple of mentors in his immediate family. His mother played high school basketball and helped bring him up in the game. His brother Ben Finney has started at Old Dominion for two and a half years and will be a mainstay as a senior for the Monarchs this season.

Dorian's ability to do many things on the court and make his fellow players better are the attributes that set him apart from others. However, his willingness to make others better sometimes takes away from his own game.

"I'm versatile, it doesn't matter what position you put me at, and I can read the ball," Finney-Smith said about what he does best on the court before going into something he needs to do a better job of. "I need to be more aggressive sometimes. My coach tells me that. I just try and get everyone else in the game before I get going." basketball recruiting analyst Evan Daniels watched Finney-Smith last week at the the Elite Youth Basketball League (EYBL) weekend tournament and came away impressed with the super swing man's talent. Daniels noticed his unselfish play and also noted that Finney-Smith does know when to take the ball to the basket.

"He moves fluidly and has pretty good speed when he's in open court situations," Daniels said of Finney-Smith. "He didn't hunt jump shots, but he certainly attacked the rim and looked pretty good doing so."

Finney Smith's court awareness and up and down the court ability has the Florida Gators eyeballing him. As a matter of fact, Gator senior center Vernon Macklin is a good friend of Dorian's brother Ben and competes with the older brother all the time while back home in Virginia this summer. Macklin has been telling Finney-Smith what to expect as a player in Gainesville.

"Vernon Macklin is home right now this summer and I see him all the time," Finney-Smith said. "He says it is really good there. He says I should go on a visit and check it out."

Rob Lanier is recruiting the 6-7, 185 pound forward to Florida and is also using the influence of the Gators team leader (Macklin) to try and sway Finney-Smith to Gainesville.

"I talk to Florida every once in a while," he said. "I talk to Coach Lanier. He tells me how Florida is a good place and says I need to talk to Vernon about it. He just is trying to get me down there to visit...I want to get down there this summer."

Both Macklin and older brother Ben are telling Dorian about the good things at each school, but neither are putting pressure on him. "They both say it is my decision," he said.

Finney-Smith says he is, "open to everyone right now", and he knows the things he is looking for in a program.

"It is going to be about the style of play, who they are bringing in, and stability," he says of the program that will eventually land his signature on signing day. "I want a team that gets up and down the court. I want a good (recruiting) class and I don't want to have a freshman in front of me (to compete with). I don't care about someone in the same class."

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