Massive DT is a 2012 Target

It doesn't take long to notice Juwuan Fannin at practice for University Christian even when he is sidelined with a meniscus issue. Fannin stands 6-0 and 340-plus pounds and looks like a guy that could be a real problem in a one on one match up with anyone. In fact, he was a terror for some of Jacksonville's best linemen in 2009 and as a sophomore. He's is a big target for colleges in 2012.

Juwuan Fannin understands he has to get himself in better shape in order to withstand the rigors of varsity football and when colleges come calling for him. He understands more than that.

For all his ability, and he reminds some of Alabama All-American Tay Cody, Fannin gets the fact a lifestyle change will be good for his health and longevity.

"My strengths are my power, upper body strength, and quick feet for my size," he said after a spring practice in which he had to sit out because of a knee injury. "My weakness is my conditioning. I need to lose about 30 pounds. That will help me move better to get in better shape. In the long run I know it will help me live a long life and have a family life."

Dressed in the heat in a suit made to help him lose weight, Fannin discussed the unlikelihood of him playing both ways in 2010, but didn't rule it out all together.

"I played both sides of the ball last year, but they want to focus on me playing defense," he said. "We might try it early in the season, but we will have to see."

With Tay Cody rocking the SEC for the last two seasons, Fannin certainly resembles the massive Cody in the way he is built and the way he plays tenaciously on defense. In fact, he played the nose guard in a three man front in 2009, but says the Fighting Christians are moving to a more traditional four man front despite the obvious advantages of utilizing his size and strength.

"We ran a three man line last year, but they are looking at the four man front," he said. "I have to see what happens, but we have a lot of defensive linemen that have to be on the field."

As far as college goes, it is really early for 2012 prospects and coaches aren't allowed to call them yet. He did follow a few programs growing up.

"I have always been a Florida and Miami fan, but I really like Alabama," he said and not because of Cody. "I have family in Alabama...They have been to the school, but haven't talked to me yet.

Louisville, Iowa State, and Florida have been in some kind of contact with Fannin who is a good student and really follows history as a favorite subject.

"I like school and my favorite subject is social studies," he said. "I am into Black history and American History. I like to hear about the people that made our country what it is today."

However, when he does decide on a school, Fannin wants to get a degree in business for reasons that fall in line with the issues of being a big man.

"I always wanted to get a degree in business management," he said. "I want to open up a big man clothing line because it is hard to find clothes for big guys. That is something I really want to do."

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