Riggs Will Fight for a Spot

He isn't cocky, he just wants that open spot. It is the one spot on the Gator roster that Urban Meyer said after spring has the most questions surrounding it and Cody Riggs wants to be the answer to those questions. Riggs, from powerhouse Ft. Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas has been busy getting ready to compete when he shows up in Gainesville with the rest of the Florida 2010 recruiting class.

Cody Riggs is a work out warrior and is training every day to make himself a better player. On June 22, he will arrive in Gainesville and get to stay in his new digs at the University of Florida with the rest of his freshman recruiting class. He wants to be prepared as possible to go through the rigors of college football and the training involved with the sport.

"In the morning I did a P90x thing, then I went over to the field and did my footwork, then I went with some friends and did my upper body work out," Riggs said of his workout just for Tuesday. "I run about three miles a week."

Riggs is done with school and chomping at the bit to show up and get started. He now knows that the opportunity to play right away at Florida is a great one due to the departures of sophomore Adrian Bushell and fellow signee Travon Van, both who will be playing elsewhere next season.

"I am looking forward to working out with the team and getting ready with the team," he said. "I feel bad that it happened to them, but at the same time I am thankful for the opportunity.

Florida secondary coach Chuck Heater has been the point man on Riggs' recruitment since January and Riggs say that Heater tells him he needs to be ready to go in June.

"He said he wants me to come in and compete for the starting job," Riggs said of conversations with heater. "He said it's wide open and I can come in and take it. He expects me to be a leader and he said he is excited for me to get up there. It means a lot for the opportunity and I want to get there as soon as possible."

While Riggs is busy preparing, he is having to make up for some lost time in his work out regimen. Earlier this year he found out he had an injury that was more severe than he realized. A tough player, Riggs had no idea he had a fracture he was playing with.

"It happened during football season," he said. "I thought I tweaked it and I actually had a hair-line fracture of my ankle. I never said anything about it and it got worse during the football season. In track season there was a lot of pounding on it, so I finally went to the doctor and he said there was a fracture."

Maybe some goals weren't met, but Riggs still proved to be too much for the competition, even with the injury that sidelined him for five weeks of his time on the track

"I still won states, but I wasn't able to break the state record because I was off my foot for five weeks," he said.

Riggs will room with another South Florida player in Gainesville. The two have hit it off well and have already competed plenty against each other.

"I am going to room with Chris Dunkley," he said of the five-star receiver. "We always want to get together to workout but I don't think it is going to happen because we don't have much time left. I went up against him at Friday Night Lights and the under Armour Game. He's a great player and I know he will contribute to the team."

At 5-10 and 170 pounds Riggs has good height but admits he needs a little more muscle for the college game and that is something he works on.

"I need to get a little bit stronger," he said. "With being hurt and running track, I need to get stronger. I am stronger, but not where I want to be. I am still explosive, but being hurt I lost a little bit. I have gained it all back and just want to get better."

He also wanted to let Gator fans know what they can expect out of him when he arrives on campus.

"I am an exciting player," he said. "I really get into it. I make a lot of big plays, especially on defense. I never get down on myself after a bad play. I always come back and make a big play to make up for it."

There will be six scholarship cornerbacks on campus when Riggs arrives later this month. That is three short of the number the staff wants on the roster. The opportunity is there for Cody Riggs who would be competing regardless if there were 20 scholarship cornerbacks on campus. With his attitude and work ethic, he should get on the field early and often and will always be in the mix.

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