Where is the Big 12 Muscle?

We told you they were soft. Not only did the Big 12 lose mightily on the big stage the last two years in the BCS Championship Game, they looked rather soft doing it. Now, when it comes time for some conferences to spread their wings and actually get their act together and have a conference championship game, they go after the Big 12, and it appears they don't have the gumption to fight it off.

Nebraska sent official notice that it will look hard at the Big Ten/11 otherwise known as the conference that can't count. This will be the first domino of what will likely end the facade of what the folks in the Southwest part of the United States would have you believe is the nation's best athletic center.

Now the Pac-10 will look to make itself the Pac-16 by adding six more teams from the Big-12.

What the heck happened to the pride of the fine folks from the Southwest?

Nebraska and Oklahoma met 71 seasons in a row for a huge rivalry before the Big-12 became a reality. The teams meet four of every eight years now, but will likely rarely see each other again on a usual basis. Instead Nebraska will play the likes of Michigan State and company every year.

Texas, Oklahoma and the four dwarfs will run to the West coast where it is the probation bound Trojans of USC and the nine ninnies of the West coast.

Come on Longhorns, Sooners, Cornhuskers, Aggies, etc. You were once very proud programs that are going to give up the traditions of playing the teams you have always played? Why? Because you can't muster up enough juice to fight off the dogs?

The SEC once again comes out looking like it is the only conference that knows what it is doing and was way ahead of the game when they expanded to 12 teams in 1992 in order to have a money making conference championship game. The Big 12 did so, combining two power conferences in the Southwestern Conference and the Big Eight, but they don't seem to have the fervor or the passion or the pride of the SEC to sustain it all.

No doubt, the SEC will now follow suit if one of the other major conferences go to 16 teams, but we aren't sure that is going to happen just yet. Rest assured, if the SEC does call on four more teams, the conference will do the picking and those teams will come running as fast as they can to the conference that has for decades flexed it's muscle more than any other.

Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Tennessee, and so on is a group so entrenched in college football, they would laugh at someone trying to pull them from the conference that has won the last four BCS football championships.

There are some damn fine programs in the Big 12, it is too bad they don't believe it themselves.

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