Waisome Visits UF, Moves Up Decision

Groveland Southlake star cornerback Nick Waisome may be the best in the state of Florida at his position. This week, Waisome spent time in Gainesville at the camp at the University of Florida. With scholarship in hand for quite some time now, it was just another chance to learn some more football and get to know the program a little better. Things seemed to go as good as could be expected.

Nick Waisome has steadily moved up the charts with his ranking as a national cornerback prospect. The four-star corner is as technique sound as you will find at the high school level. Still, he was able to pick up a few things from the Gators' new defensive coordinator and cornerback coach Teryl Austin.

"Camp went real well, I did pretty decent," he said earlier this week. "I got to talk to the coaches and meet them. I got to work with Coach Austin, my position coach, and develop a good relationship with him. He has his own way of coaching, kind of like Coach (Vance) Bedford. He is real smart and has a reason for everything I do. He is a stickler for technique and stuff like that."

Austin has several years of experience in the NFL and that does leave an impression on Waisome who has a big choice to make in what college he will attend.

"It does make a difference because he has the experience in getting cornerbacks ready for the next level," Waisome said of Austin before he described some new things he learned from the Gator defensive master mind. "I learned a lot of things like when getting in front of the pass, I should dip my shoulders. I used to try and come in and just jump in front, (dipping) gets me in front of the receivers a little faster. He also taught us some techniques with tackling."

Coach Austin and the Florida staff like what they see in Waisome and have expressed to him the need at the position after losing two at the position in the offseason and possibly two to graduation and the professional league next year. That would leave Florida with just four returning players at corner.

"They say I am a true corner and I have all the aspects of being a good corner," he said. "They are in need of corners now, they lost a couple of corners and will lose another couple this year. It does mean a lot. That is four positions they are going to be down on so that would give me a chance to come in early and make a difference."

Numerous teams have come after Waisome, but he has narrowed his list to a final seven and will narrow it further soon. After his camp session in Gainesville, he also is expecting to make a final decision on a school by August.

"Nothing has changed much, I still have my top seven," he said. "I am looking to travel a little more this summer and get it down to a top five soon. My top seven are Florida, Florida State, Miami, Louisville, LSU, South Carolina, and Georgia...I am going to try and make my final decision before the season."

Immediate plans include a possible trip to the Blue Grass State to see former Florida defensive coordinator and new Louisville Head Coach Charlie Strong.

"We might be heading out to Louisville this weekend, but that isn't set in stone yet," he said.

A good student, Waisome will graduate early and enroll in his college of choice in January. He knows what he is looking for when he makes a decision.

"I am looking for a great program and relationship with the coaches," he said. "I want a great overall education and stuff like that."

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