Prather Is Another Piece

The Florida Gator basketball team was missing a few pieces of the puzzle a year ago. It isn't that the players on the court weren't talented enough, they were literally missing some pieces of the puzzle without enough of them. One new piece that should fit right in is small forward Casey Prather, a dynamic scorer and defender from Jackson (TN). Prather got to campus on Monday.

Casey Prather is ready to get on with the next phase of his life and get into things with the Florida basketball program. The 6-6, 200 pound small forward

"I am so ready," he said Sunday evening. "I just want to settle in and I am just ready to leave home. I also really want to start working out."

A grueling off-season work out program is just ahead of him, and Prather knows it will be tough.

"I'm not worried about it, but I know they are going to work me hard," he said. "They warned me earlier to come in as good a shape as I can. Unfortunately I wasn't able to work out as much as I wanted because I couldn't get access to any gyms."

He would like to add 15 pounds of muscle to a frame that he can already tell will be easy to add weight to.

"I want to get to 215," he said. "I can already tell I am going to be kind of big because of my shoulders."

Prather arrived Monday and he knows leaving home is going to be tough on his parents.

"I already know my mom is going to cry, she is sad already," he said Sunday. "My step dad is acting like he's happy but I know he is sad too."

The chance to play a lot as a freshman is definitely there. Florida struggled a lot last year at the end of games because of lack of depth. This year they added five freshmen that could contribute in year one.

"I just want to do as good as I can and work hard," Prather said. "I just want to fit into my role. I think there is a big opportunity, especially with all the starters coming back. Then bringing me, Patric, and the other recruits. I think I am at the right place and where I need to be."

Prather is an all around player and can do just about anything his position allows. He also understands he needs to improve in some aspects.

"My strengths are my defense, scoring, and flashing ability," he said. "I am a hard worker. I probably need to improve my shooting."

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