Mike McFarland Wants to get Recognized

Pardon Mike McFarland if he doesn't just show up on campus and give way to others that may already have a jump start at his position. The tight end out of Tampa Blake will be the forth of four tight ends arriving on campus this summer and all of the others have at least a spring of Gator football under their belt. McFarland brings a different physical aspect to the position for the Gators.

At 6-6, and 245 pounds Michael McFarland will already be the biggest tight end on the Florida campus, but he still has a lot of room to grow. His coaches believe he can play at 270 pounds one day and that would make McFarland a different animal than what is already on the roster. McFarland knows the growth spurt is coming.

"I think I can get a lot bigger," McFarland said earlier this week before showing up for freshman orientation. "I am just taking it easy, eating right."

These are the things that will help him get on the field and doing that is something that occupies his mind a lot.

"I am just looking forward to putting that helmet on," he said about what he is looking forward to the most in his college experience. "Oh my God!! I want that first day of practice. I was always a Hurricane fan because my family were Hurricanes. I didn't start following Florida football until '06. Since then it has been all orange and blue and now that I am about to start school, all that is going through my head is that 'I've made it'."

McFarland understands that with the help that Florida affords athletes in school and with the coaching he will receive at Florida, his goals are clearly in front of him. Still, one image haunts him and will until he is allowed to make a play on the field.

"It is like a dream and that I just can't fail," he continued about being a Gator. "The thing I fear the most is that on my first pass I am wide open and the crowd is screaming and I drop it. Awwww man, that is my biggest fear."

He does have personal goals which do not include sitting by and letting someone else play ahead of him.

"I just want to be recognized," he said of expectations of his freshman season. "I know I am not the fastest guy, but I know I can play with the best of them. I think I can use my height and leaping ability. I feel like the guys that run a 4.2 have speed on me, but they can't beat me. I think freshman All-SEC is something I can shoot for. I just want to be a force."

McFarland put into perspective just what he will bring to the table as a Gator football player.

"I am not a bad person," he said about the lack of character flaws that might see him get in trouble at Florida. "I want to have fun, but know I have to work too. I am going to take the attitude of work now and play later."

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