The Ack is Back

Fightin' Gators is pleased to announce the return to one of the more respected personalities in Gator sports. Brady Ackerman has decided to lend his voice to Fightin' Gators and will be a prominent member of our community, contributing on different levels. Ackerman returns after being in the sports reporting business for 12 years and will no doubt bring a bevy of knowledge to our site.

Brady Ackerman is a name synonymous with the Florida Gators and SEC sports in general. An owner / operator of WGGG and WMOP ESPN radio in Ocala and Gainesville, Florida, Brady was also a football player with the Gators back in the late 80's and finished his career in 1991 with the Gators first official SEC Championship team. Ackerman has maintained a high profile in the Internet, radio, and television community in various organizations including FOXSports South.

Ackerman is ready to add his voice to an ever growing on-line community at

"This is the on-line community I want to be a part of when talking about the University of Florida," Ackerman said shortly after signing on with Fightin' Gators. "I feel like I can add a lot with my relationships with coaches and players at the University of Florida. I am looking forward to interacting with the community providing a different perspective than the great ones we have already gotten."

Ackerman will add a different flavor than the popular opinions shared on the site and promises some insight to what is going on in Gainesville and with your Gators. Having played the game, coached the game, and now reported on the sport all of his adult life, Ackerman has a unique take on what is going down.

"My goal with Fightin' Gators is to give them something they can't get somewhere else," Ackerman said. "It doesn't mean the story or scoop, just some perspective they will find interesting. That is what I try and provide with every broadcast and every show I do. I want to interact with the folks on-line and give them an idea of what the team looks like and the opponent looks like every week."

"My stuff might be a little hard core or analytical, and for the football only guy, but that is where I am at. I think I can bring the folks at Fightin' Gators what is going on from a player and coach's perspective."

Ackerman chose the FOXSports,, and Fightin' Gators because it has shown to be a pillar of strength in the business and one he has actually been a hidden part of for quite some time.

"I like the stability that has been shown throughout an ever-changing Internet business here with Scout and with the backing of FOXSports. Of course, the community and the synergy is right, it is the perfect place for me to be. I am excited and this is a great opportunity."

"I have been a member of Fightin' Gators for the last three years and I know it is an outstanding on-line community with a really strong membership base. There is great stuff on the message boards and it has been one of the top resources for information for me as I prep for my daily work. So, why not be a part of sharing my information with the rest of the community."

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