Summertime Tid Bits

During the football season I offer up my weekly "musings" about what happened on and off the field of note. Well in the summer the items get spread out a little more, but it's time to look at some tid bits of information suitable for commentary, analysis and in some cases ridicule.

Damon Evans' days numbered ---- Georgia Athletic Director Damon Evans may get fired by the time I finish typing this article. His DUI arrest alone is enough to warrant dismissal, but the police report clearly shows him trying to use his position to escape punishment. Having his "friend's" red panties in his seat doesn't help either.

Performance doesn't provide cover ---- If this had been DeLoss Dodds at Texas, Oklahoma's Joe Castiglione or Jeremy Foley a dismissal would be fare less likely because of their track records on and off the field. Evans, however just saw Georgia post its lowest finish (20th) in the NACDA all-sports standings since 1997. That's two spots lower than the previous low in that time frame --- last year's 18th place finish, also on Evans' watch.

Carolina still partying ---- It's remarkable to realize that South Carolina's win at the College World Series was the first national title for any en's team in the history of the school. Still you have to give them credit for knowing how to celebrate despite a lack of experience at it. The Gamecocks over packed their baseball stadium for a welcome home celebration on Thursday and followed that up with a parade on Friday.

More SEC dominance ---- Another NCAA title for the SEC has to just grate on the rest of the college sports world. If you accept the position that football, basketball and baseball are the "big three" in college sports, the SEC has performed there like no other league. In the last five years SEC schools have won eight of the fifteen national titles in those sports. The rest of the country has won a total of seven. Florida leads the way with two titles each in football and basketball. The SEC also has two other Football titles – LSU and Alabama and an LSU Baseball crown in that time frame. In fact the Gators have won more titles in that time than any other conference.

Alabama's quid pro quo? ---- You don't have to be a career cynic to question Georgia state's decision to accept their beating at the hands of Alabama on Thursday night instead of the scheduled Saturday, November 20 contest. Bama, which faces six teams coming off idle weeks this fall, wanted a couple of extra days to bounce back for their showdown with Auburn. Of course Georgia State was happy to oblige and it had nothing to do with ‘Bama releasing quarterback Star Jackson to play for them. Sure.

Tuberville reprimanded ---- Former Auburn Coach Tommy Tuberville is taking a page out of Lane Kiffin's playbook. Tuberville got reprimanded by Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe before ever coaching a game at his new school Texas Tech. Beebe took exception to Tuberville saying he didn't think the Big 12 (with only ten schools) would last for long. Not exactly sharp criticism, but Beebe is on a roll after miraculously conjuring up enough TV money to keep his league (mostly) together.

What next Seantrel? ---- Massive offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson was the star of USC's recruiting class. However to this point he is the lone no-show on the USC campus in the aftermath of NCAA sanctions against the Trojans. USC Coach Lane Kiffin continues to try to convince Henderson to honor his commitment to the school, but is obviously getting frustrated with his young diva.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, head coach Lane Kiffin has confirmed the previous reports, telling the paper that the school has "had to basically re-recruit" the offensive tackle rated as the top prospect in the 2010 recruiting class by many services.

Kiffin seemed to be getting a bit frustrated with the situation -- and Henderson -- as well.

"Sometimes I think I know his main concern and then it seems to change the next day," Kiffin said. "Every other freshman has got here when they were supposed to and is sticking with it."

Some reports indicate Henderson may switch his commitment to Miami, but he would have to get a release from his national letter of intent. Another option would be for him to go to a prep school and get re-recruited by everyone and enter college in January.

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