Miami Thrice Good for Ex-Gators

You always hear about players heading into free agency claiming it's not about the money, except that it always turns out to be.

Well, it appears there's a chance the Miami Thrice crew put its money where its mouths are and that could well benefit a pair of NBA veterans who were teammates in Orange and Blue.

Even though the Heat negotiated sign and trade agreements with Toronto and Cleveland for Chris Bosh and LeBron James, respectively, each guy took well below the NBA maximum as did returning Heat star Dwayne Wade.

As a result the Heat is spending only $43 million a year on their three superstars instead of a potential $49 million. That gives the Heat $15 million, more or less, to fill out the roster.

Reports indicate the largest chunk of that money will go to Mike Miller in the first year of a five year deal while Udonis Haslem could be retained for significantly less than the $7.1 million he earned a year ago.

Hell, while they're at it, maybe the Heat can bring back Jason Williams on a veteran minimum deal. Williams is looking for a new home as is Matt Bonner who played out his contract with San Antonio.

A lot of people might have gotten annoyed by the theatrics surrounding LeBron James' decision to join the Heat, but it looks like there's a great chance that Gator fans will have rooting interest in how that decision plays out.

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